Braun FP3020 Review – What You Must Know Before Buying?

We have come to accept that many food processors make a lot of noise. In fact, we even expect them to be loud. Braun proves that a food chopper can work without being noisy even with a massive 12-cup bowl capacity. This is the Braun FP3020 12-Cup Ultra Quiet review.

The Braun FP3020 is a marvel of German engineering that functions as a food processor and as a juicer. It comes with seven blades that you can use to chop, slice, knead, or whisk your food and runs on a 600W motor, which is surprisingly as quiet as it is powerful.

This entire ensemble (save for the motor, of course) is dishwasher-safe, making the usually arduous task of cleaning up a lot easier. Thankfully, it is quite affordable for its quality and versatility. The machine was also listed in Thinkcook’s best large food processors of the year.

Braun FP3020 12-Cup Food Processor

Items Included:

  • Grating Insert
  • Coarse Shredding Insert
  • Fine-Shredding Insert
  • Fine-Slicing Insert
  • Whipping Attachment
  • Kneading Hook
  • S-Blade with Protective Cover
  • Citrus Press
  • Chopper
  • Blades Insert

Features of the Braun FP3020 12-Cup Food Chopper

18/8 Steel Body

The body of the FP3020 is made of 18/8 steel, which is also known as stainless steel 304, the sturdiest and most durable food-safe stainless steel available. The first number in the ratio represents the chromium content (in percentage form) in the steel while the second number tells you how much nickel is in it.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding nickel and its potentially harmful effects to your health. However, today there is not a single stainless steel cookware or kitchen appliance that is completely nickel-free. This is because nickel gives the stainless steel its corrosion-resistant properties. A manufacturer can always make a nickel-free food processing machine but it will rust in no time and pose an even bigger danger to your health.

Rest assured that the FP3020’s nickel content is perfectly safe to have around your food. 18/8 stainless steel is the same material that most premium cookwares are made out of. Expect this processor to last a long time while remaining perfectly safe for food preparation.

600W Motor

The FP3020 runs on a high-performance 600W motor, which, according to Braun, can produce up to 900W of power. Despite being so strong, this motor is extremely quiet. It just lets out a soft hiss instead of a full-blast bawl that many processors are commonly known to produce.

12-Cup Capacity

The 12-cup work bowl that comes with the food chopper can process up to 9 cups of liquids. This is great news if you are a fan of making soups and sauces. If you are wondering about the amount of solids it can handle, you can check the manual or experiment.

Wide Feed Tube

The FP3020 has a wide feed chute that can accommodate even whole cucumbers. Although chopping up fruits and veggies down to more manageable chunks prior to processing is not really too much work, it is still nice to finally have a processor that will not require you to “pre-process” what it is supposed to process on its own.

Speed Settings

You can select among the 11 available speed settings to match your food by turning the left control knob. Meanwhile, the knob to the right gives you three options: on, off, and pulse. When the unit is turned on, it will just continuously run at your desired speed. When in pulse mode, it will cycle itself on and off until you change the setting.

There is also a preset speed function, which takes effect instantly and cuts evenly. This has to be one of the few units that give you this much control over your cutting speed.

Blades and Other Attachments

The FP3020 comes with seven blades, inserts, and a chopper to help you pull off nearly any meal prep task: chopping, slicing, grating, shredding, kneading, whisking, whipping, and blending. On the other hand, the citrus juicer add-on is so handy, it makes you wonder why other manufacturers are not putting juicers in their processors.

Safety Features

There are two main safety features in place in the FP3020. First, the unit will not run until the lid is safely locked in place. Second, its motor will automatically shut down if it gets overloaded. These are very good features to have because they do more than help prevent injury (and wasted food). They also help prolong the life of the appliance by ensuring that it is not overused or abused.

Pros and Cons

On paper, the FP3020 does not seem to have any imperfection at all. it is a German product, it is packed with tons of accessories and features, it is got a powerful motor, and it produces a stealthily soft sound that matches its sleek look. However, even such an esteemed product apparently is not safe from detractors.

The Good

Let us start with the good comments first. People love the FP3020’s silent motor, its performance, and its arsenal of accessories. Users who have owned and used other food processors do not seem to have a difficult time declaring the FP3020 as the best they’ve tried so far.

From its good looks and quiet sound to its effortless slicing and dicing and its easy cleanup and low maintenance, this Braun food processor sounds so much like a good deal that it is so hard to find fault with it.

The Bad

We saw a few negative reviews about the usual, isolated cases of parts not working or not matching what is advertised. We wouldn’t take that heavily against Braun because things like that do happen especially today when nearly everything can be ordered online.

One of the small issues of the processor is having to be held down while working because its lightweight body has no means to cling to the surface it is sitting on. Then there’s also the fact that since this is a discontinued product, parts are now hard to come by and may be unavailable soon.

Now that we have heard from both sides, how does the FP3020 fare?

Things We Liked

  • Right performance for the right price
  • Well-built body
  • Comes with juicer
  • Lots of attachments that allow for versatility
  • Quiet motor

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Hard to get replacement parts
  • No suction cups on base

Braun FP3020 vs. the FP3010 TributeCollection

The FP3010 looks nearly identical to the FP3020 and has the same motor wattage. However, they differ a little in terms of bowl capacity. The FP3010 has a universal work bowl with a 2-liter (8 cups or so) capacity. It is also lighter than the FP3020, weighing 8.2 pounds against the FP3020’s 10.1 pounds.

While the FP3010’s range of functions is nothing to sneer at, it is much narrower compared to that of the FP3020. The FP3010 can blend, slice, grate, shred, knead, and beat, whereas the FP3020 can do a lot more. For such a small price difference, the compromise sure is big.

The Verdict

The Braun FP3020 12-cup ultra-quiet food processor is one of those little luxuries you would not regret splurging on because it does a great job of justifying its price, which is a lot higher than that of the average processor. From the way it looks and sounds to the way it works, it is more than worthy of its price tag.

It does take up more counter space than an ordinary machine but that could be due to the juicer. If you think about it, the space that the FP3020 takes up is still lesser than the space occupied by an average food chopper and a separate, average juicer.

The quiet motor further increases the unit’s appeal. There are a lot of models out there that promise an extra quiet operation but almost none of them deliver on it the way Braun does with the FP3020. Being accustomed to the loud, irritating sound of common large food processors, we find this unit’s soft and smooth sound to be quite refreshing.

Moreover, it comes with a lot of accessories that let you do various meal prep tasks minus the stress, the hassle, and the wasted time. It can chop, slice, knead, whisk, and a lot more with the blades that already come with it.

The only major concerns we noticed about the FP3020 are about base stability and replacement parts. Its base doesn’t have anything to hold it steady while cutting like suction cups, which even cheap models have. Replacement parts are also hard to come by and may be phased out soon.

All in all, though, we still highly recommend this food chopper. Having to hold it down while it processes your food is a small trade-off and having to order replacement parts may even be unnecessary if the product is used well. It is German-made, after all.

Hope this Braun FP3020 review will help you much in your purchasing decisions!

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