Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Review: What Sold Us The Food Processor?

The first question almost every consumer asks, why is Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef food processor priced on the higher side? Well there is always a valid if not more reasons the machine was higher-priced but yet still selling great and chosen by many kitchen makers.

One of the reasons is Breville can be easily established as the most trusted brand with the biggest reputation in the world of kitchen appliances.

Maybe you already had a food processor that wasn’t so versatile or couldn’t really meet your expectations of handling the most detailed and smallest preparation tasks.

Maybe you did a lot of research but didn’t find any of them that fully fulfills what a best-quality food processor should possess.

Well I understand sometimes we get overwhelmed by different opinions or views about certain product reviews.

So today I’m going to share why the Breville Sous Chef machine is one of the top-notch food processors and how it can do almost anything you need for your food preparation tasks.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Review

Capacity of The Breville Food Processor

Although there are only 2 options for processing – either large (16 cup) or small (2.5 cup), you can use it for medium quantities as well.

Sometimes you may just need to grind some nuts or blend some shakes which are smaller in amount perhaps like 4 to 6 cups. What you need to do is to put in the amount that you need into the smaller bowls, hit the pulse button a few times and there you go you had them processed.

Wide Feed Chute for Any Ingredient Sizes

This food processor has an ultra-wide feed of 5.5 inches. One of the important features to consider when looking for good food processor is the feed tube.

To reduce your work on pre-cutting vegetables and fruits into smaller pieces, you need a machine that has a wide feed chute so that you can literally dump large chunks of food inside. This Souf Chef is specially designed to do that and it can help to save you a lot of your time.

Feed Tube Safety System

The feed chute also has a safety system in place. The motor will not operate unless the 3 necessary items namely large food pusher, bowl and the lid are all locked in position. This is a great safety system to prevent any accidents from happening.

Consisting of both the large and small food pusher, the former is need to be locked in place for the motor to start operating. The latter’s role is great for processing smaller ingredients and the machine can still work even if the pusher is not in place.

Large and Mini Processing Bowls

Concerned about the plastic materials used for food processors that could cause health issues? It doesn’t happen to this Breville machine as the 16-cup large bowl and 2.5-cup processing bowl are all made BPA-free.

The large bowl can serve and blend really huge servings such as dough while the mini processing bowl is great for nuts and sauces.

What Are The 8 Discs And Blades In This Set?

Breville Sous Chef Blades and Discs

The 16-cup Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef comes with 5 multi-function discs including a slicing disc with 24-level adjustable slicing setting versatile enough to customize the thickness that you need. The thickness can go from as thin as 0.3mm to ultra-thick of 8.0mm.

The 4 other discs in the set include a whisking disc, a julienne disc, a reversible shredding disc and a French fry cutting disc. The 3 blades comes with a mini blade for mini bowl, a dough blade and a micro-serrated universal S blade.

There’s a test done on the grating disc and it managed to grate about 8 pounds of zucchini in less than 40 seconds and a pound of cheese in less than 4.5 seconds.

The adjustable slicing disc can do amazing tasks with slicing the thinnest or thickest tomatoes, lemons, mushrooms etc.

Other Great Features

With the machine’s dimension of 8-inch long, 10.25-inch wide and 17.75-inch tall, the Sous Chef is considered rather big.

It is also integrated with a 1200-watt powerful induction motor that can almost do any large grinding, cutting, dicing or slicing jobs.

The machine is constructed with a base that is made of solid die-cast metal. Together with non-skid rubber feet, it adds ultra-stability and safety while operating this machine.

Auto-Timer and One-Touch

It is easy to time the processing of your food with the count-down and count-up auto timer that is digitally integrated with the LCD display screen. Coupled with one-touch operations and pulse functions, it is really convenient and easy to use for anyone who has never used a food processor before.

Low Risk of Leakage

Many food processors have a high chance of experiencing leakage. But with this Breville VFP800XL Sous Chef, it is well-designed with silicone seal that reduces the risk of leakage even when large amount of liquids and ingredients are being processed.

Good Storage

Breville Sous Chef Storage Box

An extra bonus of this food processor that I found intriguing is that it comes with an accessory storage box. It efficiently helps you to manage and save your kitchen space by storing all the 8 blades and discs. Neat and compact.

There are some feedback from consumers that they have some little trouble with retracting the 36-inches cord. It is actually not that difficult at all. The Sous Chef has a cord storage at the bottom of the base, so you will just need to feed the cord back to the storage though the hole.

Low Noise Level

One thing I really like about this machine is that it does not produce loud noises while in operation. Definitely a plus point since I’m someone who doesn’t like noises at all.

I wouldn’t say it is a total silent (I have not come across one yet) but is one of the quietest food processors that we have compared to others thus far.

Given that the machine is so powerful, the low noise level

The food processing machine also comes with a 1 year limited warranty on the product and a 25-year warranty on the motor.

What Can You Do With Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef?

With the very powerful 1200-watt motor, it can do almost any difficult chopping, mixing, slicing and grinding tasks.

The main chopping blades are tough and extremely sharp, so chopping up loads of meat is not an issue at all. We have even got consumers who did hamburger blend with uneven chunks of beef and pork. They turned out to be very evenly-blended by the machine.

Some of the common ingredients that can be sliced, diced, grinded, cut, made with the food processor:

– Peanut butters
– Raw and cooked meat
– Dough
– Pecans
– Nuts
– Pepperoni
– Vegetables
– Carrots
– Cheese
– Potatoes
– Many more that are included in the instruction booklet!

Is The Sous Chef Easily To Clean and Wash?

Cleaning should be a breeze with Breville BFP800XL. Here are some useful tips for cleaning and washing the food processor and you might want to take some notes on this.

Always try to use hand-wash for the lid, plastic parts, pusher, motor base and processing bowls with a mild dish-washing detergent. Do not ever use abrasive cleaners or steel scouring pads on any plastic surface as prolonged usage will eventually scratch and damage the surface.

I understand the convenience of using dishwasher but not all the parts of the machine are dishwasher-safe, especially the plastic parts. But there’s a real need for it, I would advise you to throw only the blades into it. The metals are strong enough to withstand the pressure.

Full Comparison: Breville Sous Chef Vs Cuisinart Elite

We have always got questions from consumers on the differences of these 2 superior food processors. Many of them can’t really decide which to buy since both of them are top-notch machines in the market.

So we have decided to compare the 2 and did a compilation of feedback from those consumers who have owned either of them.

FunctionsBreville BFP800XL Sous ChefCuisinart FP-14DCN Elite
Motor Power1200-watt Induction1300-watt Induction
Warranty1-year limited unit warranty. 25-year induction motor warranty.3-year limited unit warranty. 20-year motor warranty.
Controls3 buttons – Power off, Pulse and Start/Pause.4 touchpad buttons – Power on/off, pulse and dough.
DisplayLCD with count up and count down timer.Blue LED lights
AppearanceSleek and classy with 3 available colors – Black, Cranberry and Silver.4 colors - Die cast, brushed chrome, white and black. Beautiful though looks bulkier.
Accessories- 3 Blades (Dough blade, S blade, mini processing blade)
- 5 Discs (Grating Disc, Julienne Disc, Adjustable Slicing Disc, Emulsifying Disc, French Fry Disc)
- Mini Bowl, small brush, spatula, disc spindle
- Instruction booklet
- Storage box
- 3 Blades (Dough blade, Small/Large Chopping blade, Small/Large mixing blade)
- 2 Discs (Reversible Shredding Disc, Adjustable Slicing Disc)
- 2 small bowls, cleaning tool, stem adapter, spatula
- Instruction manual
- Storage case
ChoppingPowerful and top-rated performance.Does chopping jobs very well.
SlicingExcellent. Can slice or shred ultra-fine slices of cheese, meat etc.Slices and shreds well but sizes not as uniform as Breville.
KneadingDough is beaten quite easily. This function could be improved.Does excellent job here. Cannot really tell the difference whether it’s hand or machine kneaded dough.
Washing and CleaningSome parts can use dishwasher. Hand-wash for longer lifespan. Cleaning is easy.Dishwasher-safe parts such as top rack. Challenging to clean unreachable areas on lid.

After comparison between the 2 high-quality food processors, the Breville food processor emerged as our first choice due to the slightly better performance that the Cuisinart chopper, larger capacity and more processing discs.


If you own some other Breville products, there may be little that could surprise you given that majority of them spells quality. Not just better-than-average quality but rather great quality that shows why they are the leader in this area.

Inspired by consumers’ needs to reduce efforts and hassles of food preparation tasks, Breville innovated the 5.5-inch super-wide feed chute to make it really easy to cut, slice, and grind all big or small food into equal, optimal sizes. Basically it can accommodate most of the jobs.

Not many brands fully understand what consumers like you needed the most. Afterall a food processor is simply there to make preparation tasks easier, take the efforts off you and helping you to save a lot of time. Isn’t it?

So to answer the question again on whether this Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef food processor is really worth the price? Definitely. Absolutely. Undisputed quality that worth every penny.

Heavy-duty machine that does almost every food processing task perfectly with ease. Simply brilliant. Highly recommended.

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