Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom Review

With 50 years of experience, Cuisinart has created many high quality food choppers. Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom 11-Cup model is no exception to that. This machine is ideal for slicing vegetables,  mumbling garlic, herb and more. It comes in white, black and almond. You can choose best one that fit best in your kitchen.

The Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY is a high-quality medium-sized food processor. It comes equipped to handle many tasks and can save your both valuable time and effort in the kitchen. It comes in good size and weight and will require making room to fit it in your kitchen, but it’s worth its weight.

With great performance, durability and value to your kitchen, you can never be wrong with this Cuisinart Pro Custom machine.

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom 11-Cup

Items Included:

  • 11-Cup Work Bowl
  • Large Feed Chute
  • Small and Large Pushers for Feed Chute
  • Compact Flat Bowl Cover (with small hole in top)
  • Chopping/Mixing Blade
  • Dough Blade Now sold as separate accessory
  • Stainless Steel Shredding Disc
  • 2mm Stainless Steel Slicing Disc
  • 4mm Stainless Steel Slicing Disc
  • Spatula

What To Expect From Cuisinart Pro Custom?

11-Cup Work Bowl

This is a large capacity food processing machine with a large feed chute. It includes extra discs to make it more versatile. It also comes with a compact flat lid that can be used when chopping or mixing, so you don’t have to wash the larger lid assembly and feed chute if you don’t need it.

Powerful motor

Cuisinart food processors are known for their powerful motor. It is powerful enough to knead small batches of bread. And also features a feed chute that is large enough to slice whole fruits and vegetables.


The blades on this model are made of stainless steel so they can slice through your toughest jobs with ease. The blades this model includes a chopping and mixing blade, a shredding disc, and two slicing discs. The slicing discs allow you to cut down to 2mm thin and up to 4mm thick.

Disc for different purposes

The standard slicing disc is useful for whole fruits and vegetables, cooked and semi-frozen meat, as well as bread. The thin slicing disc is best for slicing mushrooms, potatoes, cucumbers, or onions.


This food chopper comes with a spatula that helps you snip down the sides of the work bowl when food gets stuck.

Besides the above mentioned, there is rubber feet on underside of base keeps unit secure on countertop. All materials that come in contact with food or liquid are BPA free. The machine is easy to use and clean, with compact flat cover. Last but not least, it comes with 5 years warranty on motor and 3 years limited warranty on unit.

What Do People Say About Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY

You might be a little bit taciturn. After all, how many times have you heard about the best kitchen items you simply have to purchase? I’ve been there. This is way, even though I thought the set seemed lovely at first sight, I had to dig a bit deeper.

On Amazon, for example, there were many reviews regarding this processor. While most of them gave it five stars, there were those who had been having some issues.

The Positives

Let’s start with the reviews that were positive. Most people found this set to be quite useful and high-quality for its mid-range price. The speed and accuracy in delivering the processor is awesome. Quiet and everything is heavy-duty. This is a professional unit and superior to what you will buy for less money.

Most users love the fact that they come in a big set with durability.

The Not So Good

For every product, there will always be those those who have some negative feedback. The Cuisinart food processor works well but you might have trouble figuring out how to put on the large tube lid. It goes on with the tube at the back of the processor.

This feels a little bit awkward in order to operate the controls; you need to reach over the bowl to use the chute.

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

So, after reading all the reviews, we have come to this bottom line.

Things We Liked

  • Sharp blades
  • Powerful enough
  • Runs fast
  • Two pushers for large or small foods in feed chute
  • Large feed chute
  • Mid-priced for the quality
  • Very easy to clean and easy to use

Things We Didn’t Liked

  • Safety features slow down the work process
  • Lid assembly operation is tricky

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom vs Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic

The Pro Classic 7-cup model can do everything such as stir-fries, main course, salads, peanut butter and homemade bread. It includes large 7-cup work bowl to fulfill all of your processing needs. It also includes a cover with large feed tube for slicing and shredding without pre-cutting. It is constructed with stainless steel blade and discs.

To make you a perfect cook, it provides recipe collection. It also comes with a bonus flat cover for processing on the bottom of the bowl. In addition, it is durable, multi-functional, compact and easy to use.


DLC-8SBCY comes with 14-cup work bowl. It features 4mm stainless steel for more durability, medium slicing disc and stainless steel shredding disc to give you more versatile experience. It also includes chopping and mixing blade with a spatula and recipe book.

Being advertised as having a contemporary design, this compared with its high-quality and multiple features make it a nice addition to any kitchen.

It is one of the best big-sized food processors compared to the others available in the market. Though it’s heavy enough to remain stable on the counter but the base has suction cups to help in that regard too.

While it might not qualify as a power horse, it’s a good machine for moderate use and performs very well on all kinds of processing jobs. According to testing and feedback, this is very suited to singles, couples, or small families.

If you need larger capacity for food preparation, another alternative will be the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY may fulfill your needs. It is designed with an extra-large feed tube that holds whole fruits and vegetables. For saving space in our kitchen, you could for the DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus.

In my opinion the DLC-8SBCY offers very good value, and at a lower price than some of its competitors. Definitely a good one to invest in.

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