Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Review: How Does The Small Chopper Fare?

If you need a machine to handle a variety of tasks such as pureeing, grinding, chopping, blending and even emulsifying, then the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus food processor may well be the one that suits your needs.

Reviewing the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus

We want to find out what this machine can do for you and what features it has that other brands do not. So we have consolidate the results of the testing and research that we found from consumers.

Let’s find out more in this Mini-Prep Plus review below. This small-sized food chopper was also listed as one of the best food processors in our top 10 choices.

Best Small Food Processor

Powerful Motor and Sharp Blades

This 24-ounce, 3-cup Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus features a super powerful 250-watt motor that works at high speed and it is able to process any sort of small tasks without any problems.

Besides the motor, the machine also boasts the auto-reversing SmartPower stainless steel blade that is patented by Cuisinart.

It is an ultra-sharp blade for delicate tasks such as chopping, blending pureeing etc. For grinding other harder foods, you can utilize the blunt edge of blade to achieve the results that you want.

Using the Mini Machine

As this mini processor is designed for smaller quantity usage, it only has a capacity of 3-cup working bowl and you certainly do not want to overwork or overload it.

My advice for consumers is always to cut the foods into smaller uniform pieces so they can feed inside the chute effortlessly.

Featuring just 2 buttons (the grind and chop), it allows you to go clockwise or counter-clockwise with power and control.

After the food are processed, make sure they should be less than two thirds of the capacity and should not be the same level as the blade assembly. Or else it will be considered overloading.

Another good thing about this chopper is that the bowls are made of BPA-free plastics, so you do not have to worry about health concerns here.

Acceptable Noise Level

Though this min-prep food processor isn’t the quietest in the market, the feedback that I have gotten from consumers is that they find it pretty quiet and within the acceptable noise range. Of course noise is very subjective for different people, some may not be able to even tolerate a little bit of noise.

When this machine does its chopping, it will produce noise but because it chops so quickly, you won’t really feel that the noise is overwhelming.

As compared to some other machines, we would give it a 4 out of 10 for the noise level, with 10 being the loudest.

Good Storage

Since the food processor is small-sized, it requires minimum space for storage and most likely you will not face a hard time trying to keep it. You can even keep the excess cord inside the hidden compartment located at the base of the machine. It is always a good practice to assemble the unit as whole before storing so that the parts will not be easily lost.

What Can You Do With Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus?

For grinding function, it is usually good and used for grinding spices, seeds, peppercorns and nuts (pine, peanuts, walnuts etc). Use the continuous action button for grinding purposes. You could even add in liquids, salad dressings or flavouring when the machine is grinding the foods.

For chopping, mixing and pureeing foods such as garlics, onions, vegetables and herbs, use the chop function. Use around short 2 to 4 pulses of the Chop function and it should be able to finish the job well.

Another question that I always get from consumers is whether this small food processor have a cheese grater. Well the good news is that this machine only comes with a single blade, it is able to grate hard chunks of cheese, be it cheddar, parmesan or mozzarella.

Can you make baby food with this small chopper? Yes it can. Always try to add some liquid and mix it together with the meats before using the processor to chop and squash the foods. It will produce some great results.

This mini machine can even make great salsa, bread crumbs and tapenade.

How is Cleaning and Washing the Mini Food Chopper?

It is very easy to clean and maintain this mini food processor. Always try to wash up the blades, work bowl and cover immediately after use so that the food will not stick onto them.

Use warm water with soap for washing the blades, spatula, work bowl and cover. If it is challenging to clean off food that are very sticky, you can soak them all in warm water and soap for an hour before washing them up.

While the blade can be lifted out without much effort and cleans easily, do take precaution as it is pretty sharp. Advice is to hold the blade by its plastic tabs when removing or washing.

Though I’m not a fan of using dishwasher, you could use it for the blade assembly, work bowl and lid if you prefer to save some time and energy.

Where to Get Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Parts?

If there is a need to replace the parts of the mini food processor due to wearing down or defects, you could find them in online stores such as or even from the vendor itself. Some of the parts that can be replaced are the work bowl, cover, chopping blade and spatula.

Besides, the machine also comes with an 18-month limited warranty that covers the workmanship and any kind of defect. Though misuse and accidents from shipment or self-inflicted are not included in the warranty.

If you are still not sure what the warranty covers (though you can find everything stated in the handbook/manual), then call up Cuisinart if you have other specifics to check with them.

Comparison: Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Vs Cuisinart DLC-4CHB

Basically there are no big differences between the 2 mini food processors. They both have the same function with grind and chop. They come with spatula and instruction book. They use the same high-powered motor.

The only difference is Cuisinart DLC-2ABC has 3-cup work bowl capacity while Cuisinart DLC-4CHB is 4-cup. Also, the 3-cup machine has a brushed chrome finish while the latter is finished with a fashionable brushed stainless steel.


When comparing the Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus to other similar sized food processors, this machine stands out as the choice with better performance and versatility.

The Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus reviews on most of the online stores are positive, scoring high due to small size, lightweight and extremely easy for storage.

If you are looking for a larger capacity machine that is of high-quality, one of them I would recommend is the Breville chopper. You can find our in-depth review of the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef over here.

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