Is Ceramic Cookware Safe?

When the non-stick ceramic cookware was first launched, the first question that majority of the people asked was: Is Ceramic Cookware Safe to use?

I understand about the concerns you may have when talking about non-stick pots and pans. So today we are going in depth on why some of the non-stick materials used are safe for your health and why some are not.

Ceramic Cookware Vs Teflon

Many non-stick cookware are made of a toxic chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid, which is widely knowns as PFOA. PFOA is mostly present in coated surfaces called PFTE (polytetrafluoroethylene) that is commonly known as the brand Teflon.

PFTE is used as the substance for making the non-stick coating of cookware as they do not react to other chemicals and is considered very stable. The coating surface that PFTE can achieve is resistant to corrosion, very smooth and almost frictionless.

Besides PFTE and PFOA are capable of achieving non-stick coating surfaces, there are other coatings that emerged into the market with the non-stick feature. They are cast iron, ceramic and anodized aluminium.

PFTE is a threaten to health when its coating starts to dissolve, emitting toxic fumes. This happens especially when the cookware is overheated to more than 500 degree F. Long term intake of such chemical could cause high cholesterol and even cancers.

Besides the dissociation of coating due to high temperature, coating from cookware can also be dissociated if they are scratched by hard utensils such as metal. So always remember to use non-metal utensils like wood or bamboo when using Teflon non-stick cookware.

Although PFOA-coated cookware is approved by FDA, prevention is better than cure. Always try to look for “PFOA-free” products so that their non-stick surface will not be affected by high heat.

Now if Teflon cookware could be potentially a huge threat to our body and health, so about ceramic constructed material? Is ceramic cookware safe for your cooking needs?

When it comes to environmental friendly cookware, one of them that comes to my mind is ceramic cookware. Not only is ceramic cookware safe to use, it does not contain harmful chemicals such as PTFE and PFOA therefore it does not cause any harm to the body.

Ceramic cookware are constructed of materials that are very durable. They are made up of materials which are non-reactive, non-toxic, green and 100% natural minerals. In addition, those cookware are well-designed and come in different colors and styles. This explains why the prices of some of the ceramic cookware may be on the higher end.

The purpose of creating ceramic cookware is to promote a healthier living and cookware. Unlike other non-stick coatings like Teflon, ceramic-coated pots and pans are resistant to high heat temperature and flaking.

One thing to take note about ceramic is that in order to prolong the lifespan of your cookware, it’s recommended that you clean and wash them properly.

Make sure there isn’t any oil layer stuck on the coated-surface after your cooking session. When layers of oil build up, it can affect the coating negatively and reduce the lifespan. Cooking spray is another factor that could reduce your cookware’s lifespan, so try not to use them as a non-stick lubricant for the surface.

Which Ceramic Cookware Is Safe To Buy?

We are always sceptical when it comes to non-stick pots and pans and would make 100% sure that they are PTFE and PFOA free before even diving into it. We really seldom use Teflon so the next in choice for us will be ceramic based.

Well we have tested and tried a couple of non-stick ceramic cookware and we kind of like the 12-inches GreenPan fry pan very much.

We have also received many reviews from some of our readers about how this pan has assisted and helped them so much in their culinary. So we hope that you can try it yourself and see how good it is for yourself.

Is Ceramic Cookware Safe

The GreenPan Lima 12-inch non-stick ceramic fry pan does not contain PFOA, cadmium or lead. In other words, their technology allows the pan to replace health threatening non-stick Teflon coatings with their own patented non-Teflon coatings. It is very durable constructed with hard-anodized on the exterior.

The interior uses Thermolon healthy ceramic so it really takes very little efforts to clean and wash. However, we would still recommend using hand wash as it is the best way to lengthen its lifespan.

Thermolon is actually the non-stick coating that GreenPan uses and it’s patented by the company. The coating enables us to cook with lower temperature yet generates good heat conductivity. It also has very good resistance to heat, up to 850 degree F.

I believe no one will actually hit that temperature. With that in mind, you do not have to worry about the toxic fumes, harmful chemicals, pollutants or even flaking of the coating anymore.

GreenPan Lima is not a brand that we’ll see marketed everywhere but we are caught surprise by its quality and performance. Food that we cooked with it retains great tenderness and taste.

We do not have to use a lot of oil to cook with this pan is able to utilize its advanced technology to whip up a healthy yet tasty and satisfying meal. We love frying nuggets and chicken, so with this pan it allows us to use much lesser oil and fat, resulting in a more healthy meal.

Whenever we do a sear on chicken or pork, there isn’t much smoking, oil or fats needed. It just gave us a wonderful and flavourful taste. In fact, we are quite addicted to using this pan.

All in all, we love this pan and it can satisfy most of our cooking adventure. Though currently we only have the 8-inch and 12-inch GreenPan, we are planning to get the whole set of cookware because we believe in their quality.

Check Out Healthy GreenPan Lima Here

So is ceramic cookware safe? Yes, definitely! Well the next time after we bought the whole set, we’ll test it out and perhaps do a review for you guys. See you again soon and have a great day!

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