Lodge L10SK3 Cast Iron Skillet Review: How Tough Is The Pan?

The Lodge L10SK3 12-inch pan is a pre-seasoned, multi-functional pan that can cook your favorite foods producing delightful taste.

Whether you are baking a chicken pie, roasting a chicken or grilling a steak, this pan can do the job easily.

This skillet distributes heat evenly from the base to the side of the walls. It also retains heat well so that searing meat at a higher temperature is no issue at all.

There are 2 handles for heavy lifting of chunky foods, a main handle and an assist handle for easier maneuvering.

Other than the handles, the skillet has a design with 2 subtle side lips for easy pouring, reducing the chances of a mess.

This Lodge cast iron skillet is built with ultra-durable materials and can last for generations to come if maintained properly. In fact, the pan is nearly indestructible! In fact, its smaller sized model L8SK3 is listed in the top list.

Let us discuss more on the features in this Lodge L10SK3 review below.

Lodge L8SK3 and Lodge L10SK3 Cast Iron Skillet Review

Durable L10SK3

Below are the Product Information:

Dimensions: 19 inches x 13 inches x 6 inches
Weight: 8 pounds
Color: Charcoal Black
Model number: L10SK3

Lodge L10SK3 vs Lodge L10SK3ASHH41B

You may have come across the 2 models while doing some research on the pans and are confused by their differences since they look almost the same.

Not to worry because I will clarify their differences below.

Today our review is actually on the exact model L10SK3, which does not include silicone handle.

Whereas for the L10SK3ASHH41B version, it comes with a red silicone handle that is highly insulated against high heat so your hands will be not get scalded.

This version with silicone handle cost slightly more than the one without. However it could provide for more comfort and safety for your hands.

If you already own the 12-inch, you do not need to change or get a new version.

What you can do is to get the ASHH41 Silicone Handle for the main handle, or even the Silicone Assist Handle Holder for better protection. Sounds simple?

Is There a Need to Do Seasoning?

In the past when you purchase this pan, you will have to season them yourself.

Now they are making it really convenient by pre-seasoning it for users like us so we can use them right off the bat once we purchase the pans.

Even if the seasoning wears off after a couple of years, you can still do a re-season or refurbish yourself without too much efforts.

Maybe it’s due to my perfectionist, I like to sand the pan and do a re-season from scratch till it becomes glossy black and really ‘non-stick’.

If you decide to do a re-seasoned of the pan properly, you will really enjoy the non-stick function from this pan and you will realize why I like to spend a little of my time to do the refurbishing.

How to Interpret Different Versions Skillets?

SK would mean Skillet and the number before the “SK” represents the diameter of the pan’s cooking surface.

Lodge L10SK3 has a diameter of 12-inches including the rim but the effective cooking surface is 10-inches.

There are other sizes of Lodge pre-seasoned skillet that you may consider.

L5SK3 – Total diameter with 8-inches and effective cooking surface is 5-inches.

L6SK3 – 9-inches in diameter and effective cooking surface is 6-inches.

L8SK3 – It has diameter of 10.25-inches and effective cooking surface is 8-inches.

L12SK3 – Diameter of 13.25-inches and effective cooking surface is 12-inches.

Cleaning up and maintenance: 4.5/5 Very Good.

Though the L10SK3 comes with a layer of pre-seasoning oil, visibly we found that it wasn’t really that perfect. The cooking surface is kind of bumpy.

I would actually recommend to do a round of re-seasoning again if the non-stick feature is extremely important to you. Else you will find cooking an egg may stick with medium heat.

However when you cook fatty foods such as fatty fish fillets or bacon, they will not succumb to sticking.

While it may not be perfect in its non-stick property, the Demeyere Proline skillet is on another level.

It is much slicker, do not need seasoning and cleans faster. It would be a clear winner compared to most pans but of course the price is one of the steepest too.

With a lower budget, I will still go for the Lodge L10SK3 skillet as it is able to fulfil most of my cooking needs.

One way to further reduce sticking is to coat the pan with one or two layers of Crisco vegetable shortening.

How to Clean The Lodge L10SK3 Cast Iron Pan?

Cleaning will definitely require more efforts and time on your part. Stainless steel skillets on the other hand are the easier option for cleaning since we can use the Bar Keepers Friend (BKF). However you can’t use BKF as the solution will reduce the seasoning.

Usually a good way is to just run hot water over it. Alternatively you can use steel or plastic scrapers for cleaning and scraping off stubborn stains or food sticking to the pan.

Remember to rinse and dry up the pan after washing. If you want to keep the pan at its best condition, you could apply another thin layer of oil to keep it away from moisture.

Important Tip #1: To prevent the cookware from rusting, do not soak it in water!

Durability: 4.9/5 Excellent.

Nothing is perfect. It goes the same for this skillet. Even though the skillet could score a perfect for durability, it can still degrade over time if no proper care is given. For example, soaking it water or using it in dishwasher.

When compared to skillets made of stainless steel, this pan can be as durable but time and efforts are needed for maintenance. Meaning if the pan needs a refurbish, then you will need to spend some time for seasoning whereas stainless steel doesn’t need that.

Important Tip #2: Do not simmer acidic food such as tomato, citrus etc in the pan, it will wear out the seasoning.

Another minor drawback about iron cast is that it is not totally unbreakable. If you dropped the skillet hard enough onto something tough many times, there’s a possibility it may leave a small crack. That doesn’t happen to stainless steel though.

Unless you have kids who love to smash your cookware onto hard surface area all the time, there should be no reason why it will crack and break, right?

Heat Distribution: 4.6/5 Very Good.

The skillet has a very high thermal mass. What does that mean? It simply means it will take a longer time to heat up the whole pan as compared to heating up an aluminium-made pan.

Evenly distributed heat is important in cooking with skillet as you do not want to undercook or overcook the food.

If the pan doesn’t do well in distributing even heat, then you might experience some parts of the food being overcooked (for the part of the pan where it is too hot) and some parts undercooked (for the edges of pan where it is picking up heat slower).

Performance: 4.4/5 Very Good.

There are 3 tests that we carried to test the non-stick function of this skillet.

  1. This test is to see if we can further prevent the food (especially eggs) from sticking to the skillet. We heated up the pan using low to medium heat. Make sure the skillet is hot before applying about 1/4 teaspoon of oil on it.

Results: Flipping the egg is effortless and did not leave any sticking on the pan.

  1. 2nd test is cooking fried rice. Rice contains high content of starch and therefore is very prone to sticking to any cooking surface. We used around 3/4 teaspoons of canola oil this time to apply to the pan.

Results: The whole process of frying rice was very smooth and again there was no sticking!

  1. We tried baking pancake with the pan. What we did was to pour the mixture of egg and flour onto the pan and place it inside the oven for baking.

Results: The pancakes came out evenly browned and not burnt. The puffiness is just nice and we have no trouble getting the pancake out from the pan, it didn’t stick.

Basically this type of pans are utterly tough and can last for decades, which is why I named them the ‘beast of skillets’.

Another comparable pan that has great quality is the Le Creuset brand. You can read more in this Le Creuset skillet review.

Pros and Cons


  • Ultra-tough and durable, can last for more than 10 years!
  • Already pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to use and you do not have to go through troubles to season the pan
  • Can bake, braise, broil, grill, fry, sear, stir and sauté with the skillet
  • Use on all cooking surfaces such as campfire, grill, gas, glass, electric, ceramic and even induction cooktops
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Exceptional heat distribution and retention
  • Oven Safe up to 400 degrees F
  • Made in U.S.A


  • Not compatible with microwave
  • Not suitable to use with dishwasher
  • May rust without protective seasoning

The Final Verdict

With extensive research and testing, we found there are not many flaws with this particluar skillet. Fulfills everything that you need for a good cooking pan. Absolutely non-stick with re-enforcing seasoning. Not matter you are preparing chicken recipes, clam or steak, the pan has superior durability that you will not need to buy another product again.

If there is only be one single pan for us to choose from or recommend, it has to be the smaller-sized 8-inch L8SK3 or L10SK3 12-inch pan.

Let us know your feedback and do share this piece of useful review with your friends to help them with their buying decisions. Have a great day!

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