Lodge L8DD3 5 Quart Double Dutch Oven Review

The Lodge L8DD3 5-quart double Dutch oven and casserole with skillet cover may be on many people’s mind when it comes to mentioning about sturdy, super heavy duty and big size.

Why is it so? Let us dive deeper into the Lodge L8DD3 review.

Review of Lodge L8DD3 5 Quart Dutch Oven

Below are the detailed product features of the Lodge 5-Qt:
Dimensions: 12-inch x 12-inch x 5-inch
Weight: 15 pounds
Color: Black
Model number: L8DD3

The Lodge Logic can be heated up to a maximum of 500 degree F and still going strong. Due to the 100% cast iron material, it can really handle extreme high heat. This Lodge cast iron double Dutch oven was also listed in good for value list in 2018.

Having said that, remember that every product has its advantages and weaknesses. There is minimal weakness in this cookware but we will try to understand and apply a bit more on science here.

If the 5-quart pot is being heated up to 500 degree F, do not try to wash or clean with cold water right away. The pot may crack because it doesn’t have the ability to accustom to a sudden change in extreme temperature.

It’s always better to be a little more careful because the double Dutch oven can last you for a very long time if you do take care of it well. Actually it’s designed to be real tough and don’t need too much minut care. The only thing is just remind yourself not to put the oven in the refrigerator when it’s still at very high temperature.

Lodge L8DD3 is pre-seasoned and allows you to use it straight way without having to do seasoning again. Seasoning is done by using oil so that it can be protected from rusting with a layer of non-stick surface.

Even if the seasoning comes off after a period of time (usually caused by very high temperature above 500 degree F), you can still re-season it easily.

If you wish to know about the best way in pre-seasoning, then you can read more about my blog post on how to season cast iron Dutch oven here.

However do take note if you are using the L8DD3 to bake cakes or bread for the first time. Though it arrives pre-seasoned, it is recommended that you fry it with some food that will generate natural oil such as beacon or ham. This is to be the safer side and force this cast iron Dutch oven to be completely seasoned and thus non-stick.

Should you get the Lodge 5-Quart L8DD3?

This cookware can even work on induction cooktop as it’s made of the compatible cast iron.

Basically you can do a lot of cooking stuffs with this Lodge 5-quart which is considered rather a big-sized one. The diameter of the bottom is around 9-inches. You can bake bread, cake, potatoes, pasta, baked rice etc with ease using this cookware.

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Whenever I sear meats such as steak or chicken, I like to sear them in this cookware. The lid can even be used as a frying pan. It cooks very evenly and well and is able to contain quite a large amount of food.

If you want to achieve browning for the food, it is recommended that you do that in a few batches when you are using the lid as frying pan.

Lodge is used by many professional cooks even though the price of the oven is considered cheaper in the market.

After cooking, the cleaning part was much less challenging than when I was using another band of pot. I will allow the Dutch pot to cool down for some time first before proceeding to wash it with some water and soap.

Basically, we are more than satisfied with this cookware as it has already helped us with many delicious dishes that didn’t really expect to be able to achieve in the first place. So the cookware has really exceeded our expectations.

So we believe this is a great deal, offers great food taste, heavy duty and extremely easy to use!

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