Ninja Master Prep QB900B Review

Ninja has a nice little contribution to the market of food choppers and we are here to take a look at some of its best features, pros and cons. Read on the review to find out more about the Ninja Master Prep QB900B.

The Ninja Master Prep can pull off even difficult meal and drink prep tasks. For example, it can effortlessly slice through ice chunks and frozen fruits, which are just a couple of things even premium blenders and food processing machines have a hard time cutting sometimes.

The Ninja Master Prep also does not have the problem of stalling or bogging down when filled nearly to the brim, like many other food processors tend to do. Despite being so powerful, this unit is surprisingly easy to use. This is one of the many reasons why it’s listed as one of the top-rated mini food processors.

You have to keep in mind, however, that the Ninja Master Prep does have its own set of limitations just like any other machines. It can only maximize its potential if you understand what it is designed to do. We will tell you more about all of this shortly.

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

Items Included:

  • 400W Power Pod
  • 48-Ounce Pitcher
  • 16-Ounce Chopper Bowl
  • Stacked Blade Assembly
  • Chopping Blade Assembly
  • Pitcher Splash Guard
  • Chopper Splash Guard

Features of the Ninja Master Prep QB900B

Safe Food-Grade Material

The plastic that makes up the Ninja Master Prep is good quality and BPA-free. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, an industrial chemical found in many consumer goods. The issue surrounding BPA stems from potential evidence of its harmful effect on human health. Because the Ninja Master Prep is BPA-free, you have one less thing to worry about. This goes the same for other Ninja food processors.


The Ninja Master Prep consists of two jars with capacities of 16 ounces (2 cups) and 48 ounces (6 cups), respectively. The 48-ounce pitcher has an anti-slip base and an easy-pour spout.

These measurements alone should give you an idea of what to expect and not to expect from this food chopper. Obviously you should not be frustrated if you have to use it several times over to make hummus for the entire family or a big group of friends.

You can even think of the Ninja Master Prep as a personal or a compact processor which is best used for making drinks for one, snow cones, dips, smoothies, baby and pet food, and the like.

Power Source

A 400W power pod, which you can easily switch back and forth between the 48-ounce pitcher and the 16-ounce jar, gets the whole unit running. We think it is just the right power for the kind of work the Ninja Master Prep does. We do not expect it to break down or stall in the middle of processing for as long as it is not overloaded or damaged through some other way.


Two sets of sharp, stainless steel blades come included with each set of the Ninja Master Prep. One of them is a set of four blades while the other one is a set of six. However, it does not really matter which one you are looking at because they are both awesome at what they do. We think Ninja really put a lot of thought into strengthening the quality of the blades to compensate for the low price range and the relatively small capacity.

These blades are more than efficient at cutting. They can effortlessly crush ice, finely chop and slice fruits and vegetables, and make smoothies and purees out of just about anything. The blades’ impressive performance is no surprise, since they are sharp steel running on a small but powerful motor.

Speed Control

One of the reasons the Ninja Master Prep is so easy to operate is that it only has one constant speed option. When the unit is turned on, you can either run it at its constant, preset speed, or get it to pulse or cycle on and off.


Cleaning the Ninja Master Prep set may seem like a tedious job at first because there are several separate parts. However, you can cut the work in half by loading the pitcher, the blades, and the lids into the dishwasher. The remaining parts can just be wiped using a moist rag. Although there are small crevices here and there (particularly where you mount the power pod), they should not take a lot to get to.

You may use lukewarm or even warm water to clean its parts. Just make sure not to apply high heat because the machine’s plastic parts may not be able to handle it and end up warping.

Safety Features

The containers and the base have a stable and strong locking mechanism to ensure that the jar does not fly across the room while at work. This is the so-called anti-slip feature that we mentioned earlier.

The lids have a way of locking into the pitchers securely. This is important because again, the blades that come with the Ninja Master Prep are remarkably sharp.

What Users Have to Say About Ninja Master Prep

The QB900B from Ninja looks like a decent kitchen appliance that is perfect for people who do not really do a lot of complicated meal prep tasks and often just process in small batches. With its powerful motor, intuitive design, good capacity, and sharper-than-razor blades, it is a steal at its price range. However, it is important to hear what other owners have to say about how the Ninja Master Prep has been serving them so far.

The Good

People love how the Ninja Master Prep breeze through what other blenders (even the more expensive ones!) have a difficult time doing. It can completely crush ice and have it ready to be flavored and drank in mere seconds. Although the blades are sharp, they do not, for lack of a better term, “over-blend” your drink and make it look and taste more like a random mushy substance than an actual smoothie.

Many users like the way the blades are arranged and mounted around the main column. No matter how much the food gets flung around inside the pitcher, all of it gets cut for sure, leaving no chunks at all. Aside from evenly spacing the blades so that the food is cut evenly, the arrangement makes it easy for them to clean the areas between the blades, where food always sticks.

Finally, there is the benefit of the plastic being BPA-free. Although consumers are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the possible harm this chemical can cause to humans, not a lot of companies are like Ninja, who is taking steps to make sure that the raw materials that go into their products are BPA-free.

The Bad

Some customers observe that the Ninja Master Prep makes a lot of noise while at work, especially when processing bigger food chunks. However, we do not want to count this against this small processor because first, these machines are really noisy. Second, there are quiet processors but you will never find them in the same price range as the Ninja Master Prep.

There are some owners who expressed concern over the sharpness of the blades. According to them, the blades may be dangerous to keep around the house especially if there are children. Of course they’re sharp. They’re blades! Besides, you are, in fact, supposed to keep the chopper out of kids’ reach. Also, if you are worried about storage, you can always get some blade holders.

Things We Liked

  • Affordable
  • Sharp blades
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Right performance for the right price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not too versatile

Ninja Master Prep QB900B Vs Professional QB1004

There is not much difference between the Prep and the Prep Professional in terms of power. The QB900B has a 400W power pod while the QB1004 runs on a 450W power pod. The difference you will easily notice is that there are three jars in the Prep Professional set.

Just like the QB900B, the QB1004’s pitchers all have dishwasher-safe lids. Its plastic material is also BPA-free. Surprisingly, the Prep Professional also comes with one 4-blade assembly and one 6-blade assembly.

Besides the Professional QB1004, other alternatives for good small food processors include the Ninja Express Chop and Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus. Both are definitely made for top performance and are popular among users.

The Verdict

We love the Ninja Master Prep QB900B for its simplicity. It manages to do its job very well without being difficult or intimidating to use. It has basic features that should cut it just right for you if you’re the type who only does simple meal prep tasks. There’s no point in buying premium features if you’re only going to use the basic ones!

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