NuWave Cookware Reviews: What Users Say About The Set?

You might have heard about NuWave cookware already but you just want to get an assurance of its quality that’s why you stumbled here. Well, you have come to the right place because this NuWave cookware set review should inform you about the good and the bad of this product. This should help you come up with the best buying decision. Read on.

Coming from a company that prides itself on combining traditional cooking with all the latest trends in kitchenware, the NuWave cookware 7-piece set will pleasantly surprise you both quality and appearance wise.

Top the high-endurance, hard-anodized aluminum exterior with an auburn Duralon ceramic coating, you will not only get the standard non-stick set, but also a quite beautiful one.

NuWave 7-Piece Cookware Set Overview

NuWave 7-Piece Cookware Set

This NuWave cookware set appears to be a good option for taking all the fuss out of cooking. Advertised as complete with a lovely high-quality Duralon ceramic coating and stay-cool handles even when using at the highest temperatures, this set started to intrigue me. No wonder it’s listed in the top non-stick cookware list of 2017.

But first, I have to say that I am not exactly a fan of the whole ‘copper/ chestnut/ auburn’ tones of the Duralon ceramic coating. Auburn? Fashion tones? Who is the target audience? Betty Draper?

However, since I heard so much about the set’s quality, and considering the fact it comes from an All-American brand, which is a plus in my book, I decided to give this set of NuWave cookware a try.

Items included in the package:

  • 10.5 Inches fry pan
  • 2-qt sauce pan with cover
  • 1.5-Qt sauce pan with cover
  • 5.5-Qt stock pot with cover

Awesome Features of The Set

It is an induction ready type of cookware

If you hate slaving over a hard stove, getting into induction cooking might just be the thing for you. The heat does distribute quite beautifully throughout the entire pan for an evenly cooked meal.

Hard-anodized aluminum construction

The high-quality anodized aluminum these pans and pots are made of will ensure your meals are always heated evenly. And just so you know, this material is up to 80% harder than stainless steel.

It’s PTFE and PFOA free

Considering these chemicals are linked to cancer by countless studies, it’s actually a pretty great thing to have pans and pots without them. And the fact that this much-needed ‘omission’ actually makes the set easier to clean should only come as a plus.

Tempered glass lids

The high-quality lids will help seal in all the flavor and heat. Look after your dish without any hassle.

No plastic on the handles – or anywhere for that matter

Great for sticking in the oven, at least below 450ºF.

Way healthier meals

Thanks to the non-stick ceramic coating, you will never have to use the same amount of oil or butter again.

So…What About The Pros And Cons?

As with pretty much every single thing on the face of the Earth, finding a few NuWave induction cookware reviews is not a hard task to accomplish. In this case…hundreds is the key word.

Yes, many people used the set, some fell in love with it while some just used it improperly and now regret it. But we will get to that last category a bit later.

The Good

  • Particularly great when used with the NuWave inductive cooktop – Go figure!
  • Great for those who hate cooking on blazing hot stoves
  • Great non-stick coating
  • Will heat fairly quickly and evenly
  • Will last about 80% more than steel ones (if you take care of them)
  • PFOA and PTFE free
  • Easy to clean-up

The Bad

  • The ceramic surface may scratch rather easily if you use metal utensils
  • Some say the non-stick coating doesn’t last

Now, let’s clear the air…I find the set great in doing what it’s supposed to. I haven’t used for many years so I cannot say how the non-stick coating will do in the long run.

One thing to keep in mind though….be careful with metal utensils around the pans (tongs, spatula etc), they do scratch easily. I find that even the hard plastic-variety of cooking aids will leave a mark. I made a little mistake when using a black plastic spatula and now I regret it.

One thing is sure, you do have to invest in some nice silicon utensils.

Other Alternatives?

Though I believe the 7-piece set is just perfect for cooking a large palette of dishes, here are some more options from NuWave that might temp you:

NuWave Duralon™ Ceramic Non-stick Cookware

While the silver 7-piece NuWave cookware set is better for people with very compact and no-fuss kitchens, this NuWave Duralon 10-piece set is great for those who desire to have a more lavish experience while cooking.

If you want more versatility while keeping the same quality NuWave is known for, then this is the model for you.

Made out of 18/10 steel and not hard-anodized aluminum, this set is also coated with a lovely ceramic coating.

What the set is good for? This set of NuWave Duralon ceramic has 10 pieces which are non-stick surface. They are also high quality and induction-ready.

The ‘not so good’ about this cookware is that they are made of steel and not hard-anodized aluminum. They are made with ceramic coating which may not last for many years.

NuWave 12-Inch ‘Everyday Pan’ & 11-Inch BBQ Grill Pan

This is also a good set to either enrich your collection or just to use as a first time buyer. Coated with Duralon ceramic (no surprise here) the two items in the set, namely the ‘everyday pan’ and ‘BBQ grill’ might just be the only kitchenware some people require. They come with covers and are induction-ready too.

Everyday BBQ anyone?

Just like the previous model, and unlike the NuWave Cookware Set, Silver, 7-Piece’s hard-anodized aluminum, this one is also made of steel, albeit a premium quality one.

What is good about the items? 2 of the pans are made with premium grade stainless steel. They are coated with Duralon ceramic surface so the non-stick functions very well. They are oven safe and induction-ready. However, if not properly used or well-taken care of, the ceramic coating may scratch easily.

Here Are Some Other Good Nonstick Cookware Worth Considering:

Final Verdict

The NuWave cookware set is great quality-wise and is arguably the only one you will ever need. And though some of us will not get past the coppery-toned interior coating (anti-burns apparently), I have to attest that every piece in the set is indeed beautifully made.

And while the ceramic coating is fairly easy to scratch if you are using metal utensils, the fact that everything is so easy to clean does take away from this inconvenience. Though it’s considered a rather cheap option, this NuWave set doesn’t compromise quality.

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