Stone Earth Frying Pan By Ozeri Review

Specialty manufacturer Ozeri has managed to create the one product all of us have been waiting for: a safe non-stick frying pan. Let us take a look at this brief review of the 12-inch Stone Earth frying pan and see if this is the pan that cuts it for you.

Often times you have to make the difficult decision of choosing between chemically unsafe non-stick cookware and those that are safe but require too much effort to clean and maintain. You can now say goodbye to that dilemma with this Ozeri’s Stone Earth model, which was also named as the best nonstick frying pan in Thinkcook’s 2017 list.

This product’s claim to fame is the stone-derived protective coating made in Germany that gives the pan its non-stick properties while keeping it completely free of harmful chemicals usually found in many nonstick cookware today.

Stone Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

Features of This Product

  • STONEHENGE coating

The 12-inch Stone Earth fry pan by Ozeri non-stick properties were developed from STONEHENGE, a brand of stone-derived coating made in Germany. It was labeled as eco-friendly with safe-coating, proven to be free of the harmful chemicals commonly found in other cookware.

These include chemicals and compounds such as APEO (alkyl phenol ethoxylates), PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone), and NEP (N-Ethylpyrrolidone). We know that sounds like just a bunch of letters jumbled together the first time you read them in your head.

To give you a more concrete image, let us tell you that these chemicals are usually found in cleaning agents, ink, plastics, electronics, carpets, and of course, Teflon, among many others.

This means you can cook as often as you like on this frying pan without accidentally inhaling toxic fumes from the chemicals being burned on the stove or unintentionally mixing minute amounts of poison in with your food. This coating is also scratch-resistant, which keeps the pan looking good while being super easy to clean. Besides this pan, you could still find more safe and top rated non stick cookware here.

  • Die-cast aluminum interior

The heavy-gauge aluminum material on the interior of the stone earth pan allows heat to be conducted and spread evenly and retained for a long time. The other good thing about aluminum is that while it is an excellent heat conductor, aluminum remains highly affordable and incredibly lightweight.

The only thing about aluminum that may concern you is that it tends to discolor or stain light-colored food sometimes and impart a bit of a bitter taste to them. Some manufacturers use anodized aluminum to counter these negative effects but that is not the case for Ozeri.

  • Magnetized base

A magnetized base means it has nickel sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of material making up the base. Like aluminum, nickel is extremely good at transferring heat. It also has the added benefit of helping prevent corrosion.

Some would say that Ozeri should have made the sides of the pan magnetized as well. To be honest, we do not think that is as necessary in a frying pan as in a pot, for example, because in a pan, food is only concentrated on the base.

  • Heat-resistant handle

The stone earth frying pan’s handle is coated in thick, heat-resistant silicon and is riveted to the pan with 3 solid rivets. This feature allows you to have a comfortable but firm grip on the handle without the risk of burns. The material used to construct is also highly durable.

What Other Users Think of Ozeri’s Stone Earth Fry Pan?

Thousands of consumers look up to Ozeri for their consistency in producing high-quality products, including this Stone Earth frying pan. Just about anywhere you look, you are bound to find a landslide of five-star reviews for this item. However, just like other consumer goods, it does have its fair share of detractors too. Let us see what both sides have to say.

The Good

Needless to say, people greatly appreciate Ozeri’s effort in making their frying pan environmentally friendly and safe for human health. A lot of praises are also given to the pan’s heat conduction capabilities and how it is so easy to clean with just a few wipes with a damp cloth. Many people notice that it is a little heavier compared to the average frying pan, which only shows that it is indeed made of high-grade metals.

The Bad

We do not see a lot of recurrent complaints about this product. Many of the negative comments are about poor performance and faulty units. However, they do not get mentioned that often so we think they may just be isolated cases which happen to many products all the time.

There is one concern that we see every now and then, though, and that is about how the center of the pan kind of raises over time, making liquids such as eggs all go towards the sides when cooking. However, the number of reviews that show this complaint is still substantially smaller compared to those who like the product. Therefore, we think it is just a matter of improper usage and care.

Things We Like

  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • Real non-stick surface
  • Transfers and retains heat well
  • Comfortable silicon-coated handle

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Aluminum can stain and alter the taste food

The Verdict

Overall, we love the Ozeri’s 12-inch stone earth frying pan because it blends together two of the things we have been wanting to have for the longest time: cookware that doesn’t stick as well as the absence of harmful chemicals present in many cooking ware.

It even goes further by amplifying the frying pan’s heat conduction capacity and making it easy, fast, and simple to clean. Just like any other product, it does have its downsides as well but then again, no product is perfect. Ultimately, it all boils down to which one is nearest to flawless. A highly recommended product.

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