T-fal E93808 Review: Why This Frying Pan Is Selling Like Hot Cakes?

T-fal, or Tefal as Europeans usually refer to the brand, has managed to become synonymous with beautifully crafted, non-stick cookware. With the world shifting to fat-free diets, there is more focus put on pots and pans that can help people achieve better results in the kitchen.

Boiling or baking everything is not an everyday option at least not for foodies. A high-quality non-stick kitchen utensil will assist you in cooking a variety of lovely dishes in a healthier manner. This is where the innovative Thermo-spot of T-Fal comes in handy.

T-fal E93808 Professional Thermo-spot nonstick Fry Pan

Why Choose T-fal Professional Non Stick Frying Pan?

I have to say that I have been enamored with this type of pan for quite a few years now, basically since I discovered that I don’t have to put breadcrumbs in the pan to test temperature. And I’ve never gone back. This cookware is also listed in the list of best non stick pan reviews.

What is probably the best feature of this particular fry pan is the unique Thermo-spot, a large heat indicator that tends to become bright red with the rise in temperature. You will never have to wonder when to start cooking again.

Another thing worth mentioning is the pan’s nonstick interior, quite superior and scratch resistant – I have tested it using both hard plastic and metal spatulas when making scrambled tofu. Unlike other pans of this kind, especially the ones coated with ceramic, the non-stick layer of the T-Fal pan will actually last a long time.

When I first started using this fry pan I was a bit on the fence in regards to heat distribution. I did have some problems in the past with other fry pans. However, there is no need to worry, as the stainless steel disc of this model does tend to eliminate any such issues. Everything will heat up evenly.

What I like, and you might too, is the low-maintenance this product requires. Unlike other types of pans in the same class, this one is dishwasher friendly. And no, the non-stick layer will not disappear if you do not wash it by hand.

As a plus, it is oven safe, as are most if not all T-Fal products. However, even if it’s advertised you can use it up to 400 degrees F, or about 200 Degrees Celsius, you do have to keep in mind that although the handle is marketed as being a high-grade silicone, it might deform. So be careful here. I do think this feature is great if you have some other pots/ pans from T-Fal, namely ones without polymer/ silicone handles.

As a plus, you can use this pan with both normal stoves and induction ones and it will perform equally as good.

Awesome Features of The T-Fal E93808 Skillet

Unique Thermo-spot

This feature will indicate when the pan is perfectly pre-heated and does tend to eliminate all the related hassle. When cold, this spot has a special pattern that will dissipate as the heat becomes greater, finally turning into solid red when the perfect temperature has been reached.

Stainless steel induction base

Heat will be evenly distributed throughout the pan’s surface. This will allow you to be able to use the E93808 Professional total non-stick skillet on any cooktop, be it induction or other types of surface.

Silicone handles

The well constructed handles ensure a perfect grip, no matter how slippery your hands are. They are also marketed as being oven safe for up to 400 degrees F. this does depend on your oven however. If it is a classic model, not a modern one that allows you to set an exact temperature, you might want to be careful.

Metal/ hard plastic utensil safe

This feature comes as a much-needed one for many people. As opposed to that of other models, the non-stick layer of the T-fal will not scratch that easily, unless you are actually trying to harm it on purpose.

Tips and tricks

Though this fry pan is metal utensil friendly, if you want it to live for a long time, it is best you opt for either silicon tools or wood ones.

T-Fal actually recommends you use a low to medium heat when cooking with their pieces. This is a precaution measure meant to help your pots and pans last longer. However, considering the uniform heat distribution these pans have, there is no need to use a higher heat setting.

Never use an aerosol spray in this type of pans as it will damage the non-stick coating. Use butter, vegetable fat or nothing at all.

What Are The Pros and Cons of The Skillet?

Considering all the hype surrounding T-Fal non-stick cookware, there is little surprise on how many people have used these products. The T-fal E93808 frying pan is probably one of the most reviewed pans on the market.

Here is the concentrated version based on a few hundred reviews:

The Good

  • Very effective thermo-spot
  • Users love the non-stick layer, especially when cooking eggs
  • The pan does not warp
  • Very durable
  • Professionals chefs have used it in the oven without any issues
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Great for induction stoves as well as conventional ones

The Bad

  • The pan is convex so any runny food tends to go towards its edges
  • It comes without a lid, though you can buy one separately
  • Using metal utensils will scratch the surface in the long run

How Does This Frying Pan Stand Compared to Others?

T-fal E91898 vs E93808

T-fal E91898 is another model from the same brand. Though it has similar great overall features as the T-fal E93808, this one does come with an included lid, much to the joy of buyers. This model is a little bit heavier, coming up at 4.4 pounds, but this might have something to do with the included lid.

The edges are also a bit higher, making this pan a better option when cooking stews and larger stir-fry quantities, as opposed to the E93808 which is better for frying.

Final verdict

After using this pan for a few years, and then buying another one just like it, I have to say that this model is the perfect one for my needs. Yes, eggs and other food items of the same sort do tend to run towards the edges, however, since I’m a vegan, I fry mostly tofu and this is fine with me.

One tip I can give you in regards to cooking eggs in the T-fal pan is to put them in some of those metal rings that chefs tend to use for risotto when plating. I do that if I have to cook for others and it does help a lot.

Going past this inconvenient, most previous users do agree that the overall quality and multiple unique features of the pan make them buy it disregarding the convex shape. And while the thermo-spot was what drew me to this fry pan in the first place, the well-made non-stick surface has kept me faithful to the brand.

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