Cheap and Affordable Food Processors Not To Be Missed In 2017

Tired of all the chopping but apprehensive of spending hundreds on a good yet low-priced food processing machine? Let us look at some of the top affordable food processors in the market.

You don’t have too much to spend on a food chopper, but you have had it with chopping and dicing. Too much time wasted in food prep. Good. Now let’s get you a low-cost processor.

As much as you are working on a budget, you should not compromise on quality. The market has expanded to include several new brands with some of the best models. As long as you’re willing to take the risk, you may be pleasantly surprised.

However it should meet the bare minimal requirements.

Chopping Wet and Dry Ingredients

This is probably the only reason why you are investing in your machine in the first place. You want one with a set of blades sharp enough to chop vegetable and at least ginger or other hard roots. If it crushes nuts as well, you will have scored a major bargain.

Puree Vegetables

The shape of your bowl, the lid (which prevents leaking), and blades will all contribute to this function. Most reasonably priced processors will not puree to a baby-fine consistency, but they should at least make a rough puree.

Mince Meat

Well, while the motor may not be powerful enough for raw meat mincing, you can get away with mincing slightly cooked meat. Any motor will shred fish, though, seeing that it is quite tender already.

Dough making will require a more dedicated motor, one that can handle the changing consistency. It will certainly be high-end, with a bowl holding at least 5 cups of ingredients.

Noise Levels

Few things rival the annoying sound of a loud machine. If you have thin walls, neighbors, and a small child, I am afraid you will never use your processor in peace.

Well, the truth is that you’ll be hard-pressed to find one with noise levels lower than 85bB (even the high-end ones). You will contend will halting conversations for a minute or making use of it only when everyone is out of the house.

Cheaper May Be Smaller

The cheaper your appliance, the fewer the options you will have. It will probably have fewer blades and an even smaller bowl. That (compromise) is what you get for working with a budget. The upside is that a small footprint will fit anywhere if you are squeezed for space, or even pack it for your travels.

Manual Processor, Anyone?

Before all the electric appliances came and made us lazy, manual operations did just fine. They still do, to date, but they have evolved.

Manual processors are ideal for campers and those who live off the grid. The downside will be the amount of food they can handle at a time. Naturally, you will work slower and produce less, but you will not affect the quality of your food. Plus you will lower your carbon footprint.

What To Consider For A Low-Cost Food Chopper?

  • Size Matters

The desired size of the processor depends on the size of your meals. If you only need to whip delicacies for two, no need for a huge bowl.

In connection to size, you may want to check the number of blades. In most cases, you will find two sets of blades to accompany a large bowl, making it easy to chop all the food in there.

  • Reverse Function?

Blades will have two sides: clockwise movement cuts and chops, while the reverse is blunt and ideal for grinding. That aside, the blunt side returns tour food to the center where the sharp side cuts them evenly and finely. This (reverse) function is not a deal breaker per se, but it sure does help.

  • Speeds

You want a food chopper with at least two speeds; the on and off function, and a pulse. If you cannot pulse, then you are going to end up with pulverized food most of the time. Pulsing gives you the control over how finely you want your food chopped, or how much you want them ground.

  • Brands

Prominent names such as Breville and Hamilton Beach are world renowned, but they are also quite expensive. However, they are worth their cost. Add a long warranty to that, and you will get good value for your money.

Still, those brands carry a few best inexpensive food processors, some of which are in this review.

Economical and Budget Food Processors For Any Home

Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup – Editor’s Choice

Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor

This processor has a large bowl that fits 8 cups of ingredients, it has a wide chute for easy feeding, and the motor is quite powerful at 450 watts. To demonstrate how wide the chute is you can load feed a block of pre-cut cheese.

The material, hard BPA-free plastic is sturdy and enduring, especially when subjected to heat generated during chopping. Although the bowl is spacious and the motor has reasonable ability, it is not ideal for kneading a large batch of dough.  The motor would work too hard. Small quantities are okay.

It has one set of blades, which you would want to test before you dismiss. The sharp side chops while the blunt edge of the blade reverses the food, bringing it back to the center for even distribution. The S-blade makes it both a chopper and a puree making processor.

Wash time is sometimes a deal breaker. All the removable parts of this Hamilton Beach 70740 food processor are dishwasher safe; bowl, blade, and lid. If you want to hand-wash them, you will need to soak them in warm soapy water as soon as you are done Dried food is a pain to clean.

Although its measures 14 x 10.1 x 10.1 inches, the lid flips over for compact storage. Currently, it retails as of the lowest cost food processors in the market.


  • Shreds, purees and makes dough for biscuits.
  • Has enough capacity and a wide chute to reduce pre-cutting.
  • The wattage makes it work faster.
  • It has two speeds and a pulse to give you all the control.
  • A very cheap food processor


  • Unfortunately, it does not cube foods.
  • It is somehow noisy.

ZYLISS Easy Pull – Top Inexpensive Food Processor

ZYLISS Easy Pull Vegetable Slicer and Dicer

If your hands are sturdy and you do not mind the manual work, this processor would fit ideally in your home. Most people like them for the fact that they give you all the control you need. You will determine how much chopping you need with each pull, and so there are no chances of pulverizing your food.

It features two blades, both spinning in the opposite direction. Even though you will be pulling the ergonomic handle, these blades make it all easy. A half-cut onion needs three might pulls to slice into standard cooking pieces. Same goes for bell peppers.

The main downside to this processor is the work involved. If you need to prep lots of ingredients, it will take you longer, and it will certainly be tiring. Although the bowl is large, you can only manually pull so much.

The other thing you will notice is that you will be using both hands to work this budget food processor; one hand to steady it and the other to pull the handle for chopping. On the flip, cleaning is bliss, and the bowl is not only dishwasher safe but also easy to hand wash. Just rinse the blades under running water and you are done. Also, the BPA-free 25oz bowl serves as storage for our freshly chopped food.


  • You have the control over how fine you chop your food. No chances of pulverizing.
  • Pack and go for camping because it’s light and hand-powered.
  • Not as noisy as electric processors.


  • It is too taxing for a person with arthritis.
  • It is limiting and time-consuming.

Black and Decker FP1600B

Black and Decker FP1600B 8-Cup Processor

It is heavy duty, all black, and with a large. With reasonable bowl capacity and a powerful motor, you can knead bread dough with this processor. Surprisingly, it is quite a low-priced food chopper that is very affordable for any family.

It measures 11.26″ by 7.8″ by 15.67″ and weighs almost 6lbs. While the dimensions may worry you, they make it sturdy to do more than just puree and chop. The motor, 450 watts, is quite powerful to knead dough too, seeing that the bowl is of sufficient capacity.

The bowl is made of BPA-free plastic, and the blades are stainless steel. The lid is made of material similar to the body, and all the three parts are dishwasher safe. They are also easy to hand wash. Assembly and take down take a minute to master, but then everything falls into place after the first time.

The wide chute allows for whole chunks of food being thrown in without a fuss. It does its work by reducing prep time. What we do not like is the little gap between the chute and rim of the lid. Food goes down there and gets caught, which then becomes a struggle to clean (especially of you leave it to dry).

Although the manufacturer says that the bowl has an eight-cup capacity, it is actually more like 6. Still, that is a decent number epically for a household of four people.


  • It has a wide chute and reasonable bowl capacity.
  • All parts are dishwasher friendly.
  • Has an on/off setting and a pulse.


  • The spindle locks on the bowl after continued use.
  • The lid leaks when filled.

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

Ninja food processors have the signature ergonomic head that acts as the pulse, and they also come in several tiny pieces.

The Ninja Master Prep comes in two parts; the larger blender cum food processor, with a capacity of 6 cups, and the smaller hand-held chopper. The larger container is ideal for vegetable pureeing and making dishes that might slosh. The chopper handles onions like a pro.

The lid is almost perfect for liquids, seeing that it is entirely leak-free and that is the case in both the processor and the chopper. It lacks a small hole through which to pour liquids, and so you would need to open the id for any liquid additions.

The jar is plastic made, but the material is strong enough to withstand blending ice. The two sets of blades alternate to chop, puree, and even mince food, but they do not reverse t place the food back to the center. You would have to push it manually.

The major downside is the lack of reversing blades. They only go one way to chop and puree. The leak-free lid is not so easy to open, and so it becomes tedious, distributing the food evenly for an even shred.


  • The 400-watt motor is quite powerful to shred nuts and raw meat.
  • The lid is leak-free.
  • It has an easy flip pour spout.


  • The head is the pulse of the processor.
  • The motor is too powerful, and it effortlessly pulverizes food.

KitchenAid KFC3516ER 3.5 Cup

KitchenAid KFC3516ER 3.5 Cup

The base is colorful, and the glass-like bowl quite spacious (3.5 cups). The handle is comfortable and the set f blades lined in the middle. The chute is not overly broad, but it fits goods well with only a few slices to reduce their sizes. It has a pour spout, but purees will easily spill over onto the side.

This small-capacity food processor is ideal for everyday use in many ways, among them, the ease of cleaning. All removable parts (and there are a handful; bowl, lid, and blades) are dishwasher safe and equally easy to hand wash.

The stainless steel blade on this machine is not made for grinding, but it does well at chopping (nuts too) and pureeing vegetables. You have two settings, the power button that is conveniently placed, as well as the pulse so that you determine the level of processing.

It is quite easy to use, and the motor chops an onion with only three pulses. The bowl looks glassy but it is plastic, and unfortunately, the material scratches easily (does not break, though).


  • It makes hummus and sauces.
  • It has a small footprint.
  • All parts of this lightweight processor are dishwasher friendly.


  • It is slightly noisier.
  • Although the bowl is made of BPA-free hard plastic, it looks fragile.

Cuisinart DLC-1SS Mini-Prep Processor

Cuisinart DLC-1SS Mini-Prep

At a rather cheap price, you will get this 4.63″x 8.00″ x 6.25″ machine that chops, grinds, and purees food to your liking. The body is made of plastic while the reversible blades (and base) are stainless steel. The removable parts; blade, lid, and bowl, are dishwasher friendly.

This machine has limited parts, and so it is easy to put together and take apart. The 21-ounce work bowl is not exactly ideal for large families, but it works well when prepping for meals for two. More than that and you’ll have to work in several batches.  The only redeeming feature is the motor, which works pretty fast.

It has a set of razor-sharp locking blades that shreds and purees vegetables. Because it has a pulse, you can use it for sauces and nut butter too. You also get to control the size of your ingredients.

It is light, and this is both a good and bad feature; good because you can carry it with ease, even when full of ingredients, and perfect for storage. Bad because it will rattle while you turn it on (weighs 2.9lbs).


  • Small footprint makes for easy storage.
  • The reversible blade works in various speeds for chopping and grinding.
  • The powerful motor works fast ad effectively.


  • It rattles when you turn it on due to its weight.
  • It is only ideal for small meals.

Oster FPSTFP1355 2-Speed 10-Cup

Oster FPSTFP1355 2-Speed 10-Cup

This big yet low-cost food processor has two main things going on for it; it has a large bowl (10 cups) and a powerful (500-watt) motor. It has two speeds like most machines, and a pulse for control. The handle is ergonomic, and the material that makes it quite hard.

The 5” chute reduces food prep by half. It will not accommodate whole blocks of cheese or entire bell peppers, but you will not need to chop your food too much.

With the reversible shredding disk, you will not only chop your vegetables but also grind nuts to for sauces and butter. Change to the dough blade for baking.


  • Has a dough blade for kneading.
  • The bowl has a 10-cup capacity.
  • The powerful motor and multiple speeds give you control over your prepping.


  • The chute is not wide enough.
  • It is pretty large and heavy.

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Go Ahead and Invest

You have all the relevant information and a few of the best brands for cheap food processors on the market. You can never go wrong with any other reviewed brands.

If you want me to single out the top one model, I would say go for the 8-cup Hamilton Beach 70740 food chopper. It is not expensive, has a wide chute and most importantly it is powerful. It gives you control on how you want to prep your tasks and is extremely easy to use.

Now, nothing stops you from getting value for your money. Cheers!

The 7 Best Large Food Processors Review and Guide 2017

Would you like to dice, slice, knead, shred, and mix foods like a gourmet chef without any limitation? Get the top-rated large capacity food processor that can fulfill your heavy preparation tasks.

This guide is meant for all passionate cooks-whether amateur or gourmet-in homes or commercial establishments.  Can you imagine how much easier food preparation would be if you had a central device for all your weekday food preparation? What about the lunches and dinners you host for your friends and family? Don’t you need to save time spent on preparing ingredients?

If you feel like you finally need a helper around the kitchen, then you are in the right place. This review considers the ease of use, overall value, the design, noise level, capacity and the durability of the machine. These are the things you’ll be looking for in a good machine.

Before we get into all that, how can a food chopper help you in your preparation tasks?

Top Large-sized Food Chopper

A food processing machine is a very efficient kitchen helper that chops, grates, slices, mixes or kneads food or ingredients. It makes soups, smoothies, and also helps in baking by whisking or whipping ingredients.

To do all this, the machines have work bowls which sit on the processor’s motorized drive shaft. The lid has a feed tube for inserting the food that requires preparation or processing. The machines have various discs and S-shaped blades for slicing and grating as well as other attachments which make food preparation easier. The capacities vary, and you’ll come across some with large bowl sizes of 10, 11, 12, or 14 cups.

The best large capacity food processor must be able to slice and chop vegetables, fruits, and herbs evenly without pulverizing them. The motors must also be strong.

Here is an overview of the features and the factors to look at when choosing and purchasing the large food processor.


You can tell the quality by looking at the motor. The good performing choppers have strong motors and heavy bases for stability. This strength will anchor the processor especially when processing a huge volume of food or when preparing the dough. A low-quality processor is light and might skid off the kitchen worktop while in use.

Purpose of usage

What do you intend to use the processor for?  If you bake a lot, hence need to prepare dough frequently, you’ll have to get one with the right speed and pulse. Make sure it comes with essential add-ons like shredders and slicers. You also have to check if it can blend, knead, whisk, or whip beside chopping and grating.

The size of the feed tubes

Do you need a food machine that will accommodate bigger blocks of cheese or larger potatoes, with no or little pre-cutting? Look for one that has a large feed tube. You’ll also find some with two or three feed tubes in different sizes to fit foods from various sizes. You may also want to consider those with two pressers. Always keep in mind the capacity of the processor while making decisions.

Noise levels

No one likes a noisy food processor. At least look around to find one with relatively low noise levels. Look at different reviews to get the right details on sound.

Safety features

Is it safe to handle the blades? Will the machine work when the attachment is incomplete? Is the lid’s locking mechanism reliable?


Are the removable parts of the processor dishwasher safe? Will all the food particles come out after you finish the preparations? Some manufactures advice against cleaning the attachments and the accessories in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius because high heat may damage the plastic.

Storage of accessories

The processor’s accessories can easily take up a lot of your kitchen space. Does the processor come with a storage compartment for the accessories and attachments? Storage doesn’t just keep your kitchen organized; it also makes it safe.


The price shouldn’t guide your purchase options entirely. Make sure that the features of the processor make sense for the price the dealer asks. You may want to go through user reviews to get the best machine. However knowing that many people may be on a budget, we have also reviewed the cheapest food processors here.

Where to get large-sized choppers

There are many online platforms from which you can buy them but we recommend Amazon because you’ll get verified user reviews. Reviews will guide you in finding the best meeting your needs and your budget.

Which is The Best Big Capacty Food Processor?

Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY 14-Cup

Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

If you plan all your weekday meals over the weekend or you have friends over for a meal, cooking can feel like a nightmare. This is true even for people who love whipping up magic in the kitchen. To reduce the stress and save time, you need a powerful and an economical food chopper that will simplify everything.

Have you ever made plans to cook for your friends or family, set aside all the ingredients and even woken up earlier than usual only to take long in preparing the food because you had to prepare most foods manually? Or, worse, you have a small food processor that needs manual cleaning after every use?

Well, you are not alone. Most of us have been there, and we know how reassembling of food processor parts is grueling.

Fortunately, Cuisinart’s got your back – or kitchen and full hands – in this case.  This is a company that understands the need for convenience in the kitchen, and that cooking is overwhelming sometimes.

To help you out, they developed this 14-cup work bowl with an extra-large feed tube. Its motor is a 700 Watt powerful baby that makes it possible for you to prepare all food types, juices, and even pizza dough in a single touch. This power and capacity make it possible for you to prepare food once and efficiently.

The extra-large feed tube holds whole fruits and vegetables so, yes, you do not need to precut anything – talk of a kitchen magic wand! As it prepares the juices or dough, it won’t break under pressure because it is durable and stealthily designed for big jobs. The 14-cup Lexan work bowl capacity makes it possible to hold family-sized meals comfortably. There also are small and large pushers.

Have you been looking for a food processing machine that will end your struggle of having to puree, chop, knead, shred, slice or emulsify foods separately? Well, you need the Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY. Its optimal versatility makes it capable of handling all these tasks thanks to its 4mm stainless steel blades. These blades are sturdy and will take on any pressure handed to them.

Besides blades, it also comes with a new chopping blade, a slicing, and a shredding disc. These are the reasons why this is one of the top large food processors and a precious kitchen asset by professionals.


This machine relies on a single-touch operation (the intuitive On, Off, and Pulse buttons) to work, making it the easiest to use. The other feature that makes this a great large capacity food processor is its ease of cleaning. Its parts are machine-washable, and nothing beats that, right?

You will also love the fact that the purchase comes with a recipe booklet, widening your expertise in the kitchen. The other feature that stole our hearts is this; looks are deceptive sometimes but this white color chopper with its brushed stainless steel finish is reliable, and the performance is trusted.

This processor meets the North American Electrical Standards.


  • A powerful, high-performance food chopper
  • Durable and has a 3-year limited warranty
  • Versatile – grinds, slices, chops, blends, makes dough
  • Easy to set up, use, and clean
  • Designed with a large capacity
  • It is fast


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a dough blade, and you have to purchase it separately.
  • If fluids surpass the liquid line, so you’ll have a messy kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing 14-Cup (70825)

Hamilton Beach Pro Slicing 14-Cup (70825)

Have you been looking for the perfect chance to dice, slice, and shred your fruits and vegetables like a pro? Well then, get the Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor.

Its 3-in-1 big mouth feed tube will fit whole foods as well as the small pieces. The large tube fits whole foods while the two smaller tubes keep the smaller and the thinner foods upright. The pushers help in moving the food down the chute.

It is one of best large-sized food processors with its 14-cup, BPA-free bowl which stacks directly on the base of the processor without any complications. It has five attachments and a storage case keeping your kitchen organized just the way you like it. The capacity is almost doubled the sized of the Hamilton Beach 70740 8-cup processor.

This processor has a high liquid capacity and holds up to 8 cups of liquids comfortably. The five attachments make it possible for you to chop, shred, dice, slice, puree, or mix up different food items with ease.

The processor’s innovative dicing blade makes it possible for you to get uniformly diced fruits or vegetables. To slice perfectly, custom control exists, which allows up to a thickness of 14 on the slicing blade’s settings.

The assembly of the Hamilton Beach processor is easy thanks to the bowl that stacks directly on the processor’s base, and you don’t have to twist it. At the same time, the lid snaps securely to the bowl. Everything stays in place when dicing, shredding, slicing, pureeing, or preparing dough thanks to the lid’s heavy-duty die-cast locking arm.

What of the controls and the operations system? Well, this Hamilton Beach professional dicing food chopper makes sure that you don’t have to guess anything. It comes with illuminated buttons with their functions labeled simplifying speed selection or pulse for better control over consistency.

The other beautiful feature of this processor’s controls is its LED indicator lights which will automatically tell you when it is ready. This function also eliminates any confusion over the attachment to use.

Do you worry about spills and messy kitchen counters? Hamilton Beach’s got you. With its capacity to comfortably hold 14 cups of dry foods and 8 cups of liquid ingredients, it keeps everything in thanks to its center motor hub sealed within the bowl. Besides this motor hub, there also is the removable lid’s silicone edge which creates a leak-free seal. If you are a neat freak like me, you can rejoice knowing that the mess-free pour spot will keep everything clean when you pour.

The other elegant feature of this food processing machine is its organization capabilities. This device helps maintain order in the kitchen with its compact storage box that keeps all accessories safely organized yet accessible whenever the need arises.

Cleaning is much easier  because the bowl, the lid and the blades are all machine-washable. Its dicing cleaning tool helps in removing food that sticks in the grids.

Its versatility is on another level with its dicer which creates precise and uniform pieces of mirepoix, salads, salsa and soups.

  • The slicer has 14 thickness settings from thin to thick
  • The shredder can grate a whole block of cheese effortlessly
  • The knead function (dough blade) makes it possible for you to make homemade bread, cookie, or pizza dough.
  • Finally, you have the S-shaped stainless steel blade for chopping, mixing and making purees.
  • This processor comes with a 5-year limited warranty and weighs 15.5 pounds.


  • Comes with powerful motor – 1500 watts
  • It comes with many blades simplifying food preparation
  • The bowl locks into place quickly
  • Pretty easy to clean


  • This is a big-sized food processor that will take up most of the space in your kitchen. The size may also affect its cleaning.
  • The suction cups at the bottom aren’t great for stability.
  • It is not the quietest.

Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 14-Cup

Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 14-Cup

A look at large food processor reviews reveals a liking for this Cuisinart 14-Cup machine because it is powerful, has a 1000 Watt motor and it is quiet. Even though it is heavy, it gets work done, and its gasket is removable.

As the name suggests, this Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 has a huge capacity with its large bowl fitting 14 cups equivalent of food products. It also has a 4 ½ cup small bowl that keeps your kitchen clean throughout thanks to its pour spout and the visible measurement markings.

Food preparations only get better with this machine. It comes with a spatula too making scoops less messy and easier.

This processor is easy to use thanks to the electronic touchpad controls which have On, Off, Pulse, and Dough button options and blue lights that make control even easier. Since it is BPA-free, it is safe for use.

The safety results from the easy ‘On’ and ‘Off’ locking system which also has a push-button release. Cuisinart’s Exclusive Patent-Pending SealTight Advantage System locks the blades in place and also seals the bowls enhancing your safety and the safety of your household when in use.

This processor also comes with large and small stainless steel chopping/ mixing blades which have BladeLock system. It also has a Cuisinart wide-mouth feed tube, an accessory storage case with a lock, a cover assembly, and a retractable cord.

The stainless steel slicing disc is adjustable to thin and thickly sliced pieces up to 10mm. The stainless steel reversible shredding disc comes in fine and medium making for perfectly shredded cheese or vegetables. You will also love the strong dough blade.

Cleaning is a common issue with kitchen equipment but the mere fact that all parts of this Cuisinart model are removable makes this a pretty good high-capacity food chopper.

You’ll also love the fact that this versatile model comes with a recipe book and an instructions book.


  • Pretty quiet
  • It is powerful
  • It is very versatile
  • Easy to use


  • It is quite heavy
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t shred cheese too well
  • Cleaning the lid isn’t as easy

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom 11-Cup

Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom 11-Cup

Even though large-sized food processor reviews mention the defects with this processor’s lid’s closing mechanism, it still proves to be an effective machine that not only looks great with its brushed chrome finish.

It also gets work done efficiently once assembled well thanks to its 11-cup work bowl that is large enough to prepare meals for the entire family and/ or guests.

Its extra-large feed tube makes it easy for you to load in big chunks of fruits, food, or vegetables. The three slicing or shredding disc, the spatula, and the new chopping blade make this processor ideal for preparing dough, shredding cheese, slicing vegetables, mixing the batter, mincing herbs and garlic or emulsifying soups.

The stainless steel blades are either thin or medium sized.

Perhaps you are wondering how safe your food will be on this processor. Well, stash your fears away. The safety of your food with this processor comes from the fact that the construction material is BPA-free. You baby’s food will, therefore, be safe. This also makes this the perfect gift for a friend, parent or sibling. Read more on the full review here.


  • Quieter compared to other models on the market.
  • It works well, and the motor is strong enough to prepare dough
  • The blades are robust and sharp resulting in fast mixing, shredding, etc.
  • The lid is flat and easier to clean. All the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.


  • The top lid doesn’t lock normally
  • Some users complain about the location of the controls
  • Older models got recalled

Braun FP3020 12-Cup Ultra-Quiet Food Chopper

Braun FP3020 12-Cup Food Processor

A few things make a kitchen beautiful. A look at this German-engineered Braun FP3020 12-Cup food processing machine makes you realize that you’ve gotten the real deal.

This is because its working is efficient and the users of this processor share similar sentiments.

The main features of this processor are:

Power: It has a 600Watt motor and a 110V, but it can deliver a peak power of 900 Watts. This power rating makes it the best and the most efficient processor on the market.

It also comes with a DualControl system with variable speeds and a preset function which ensures that you get immediate processing results. No more doodling and ramping through all the speeds to know what works for what.

Processing will begin immediately when you choose any one of the 11 speeds indicated on the processor. This gives you control over this processor.

Cleaning – save for the base which houses the motor, this processor is safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Versatility – you can slice, chop, knead, whisk, or even prepare juices thanks to the juicer attachment that is part of this processor’s accessories. Other accessories include the ultimate kugel Potato Latkes blade, two shredding blades, a top-rated S-blade, and one blade for whipping.

Safety – while preparing meals in your kitchen, safety comes first. This processor makes that possible seeing that it a processing bowl that locks on to the motor’s base. It also won’t start until you close the lid properly. The latter also makes sure that you don’t make a mess in the kitchen.

Capacity – this Braun FP3020 12-Cup  has a capacity of 12 cups in dry food ingredients but only takes 9 cups of wet ingredients. This large size makes it ideal for preparation of family meals.

Unfortunately, this processor doesn’t come with a course slicer Insert B Blade 12 and the French Fry System, and you’ll have to purchase it separately. You’ll get a smaller bowl as a bonus upon purchase of the separate slicer.

This processor comes with a year-long warranty.


  • Has an elegant design
  • Quite quiet
  • Powerful and durable
  • Designed with 7 blades
  • The large capacity means that you do not have to worry about spills
  • Easy to use with variable speeds
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher safe


  • It doesn’t come with the course slicer, and you’ll have to buy it separately.

KitchenAid KFP1466CU 14-Cup

KitchenAid KFP1466CU 14-Cup

Are you looking for the best commercial-style, huge-sized food processor to slice and dice your food? Have you given KitchenAid’s KFP1466CU 14-Cup a try? Well, you should. Here are the reasons why this has to be your best friend in the kitchen:

The ExactSlice System – this externally adjusted ExactSlice features high optimized speeds as well as an easily adjustable lever that lets you change the slicing thickness from thick to thin or thin to thick. This makes it possible for you to experience professional style food preparation and processing.

The dicing kit – the KitchenAid KFP1466CU is the industry’s first hands-free commercial dicing kit that slices then dices foods for easier processing.

Ease of use – the high, low, & Pulse speed options allow for precise and proper handling of hard and soft ingredients at the touch of a button. The blue light indicates the setting that is on whenever you are using the processor.

Accessories – the efficiency of this huge capacity depends on its features and the accessories included. Some of the main and the best features include the 2-in-1 feed tube which lets you use the narrow or the larger opening to slice and shred ingredients continuously. Food pushers help you in feeding the ingredients into the discs.

The other features you’ll like include the 14-cup work bowl. The 4-cup work bowl that has the feed tube, the reversible shredding disc, the adjustable slicing disc, the multipurpose blades, the dough blade, the storage case, and the clean out tool are the other essential accessories that make this KitchenAid processor a commercial kitchen must have.

Safety – you will be safe in the kitchen using this processor thanks to the Ultra-Tight locking technology. This locking mechanism has a leak-resistant ring which allows you to fill the work bowl to capacity without the slightest worry about spills.

It weighs 8.2 pounds, and it has a year-long warranty.


  • It is powerful and works fast
  • Comes with a storage case
  • It has an elegant design
  • Safe and easy to maneuver
  • No accidental spills


  • Some users complain that it comes with too many parts complicating setup
  • Its operation isn’t the easiest
  • Pretty loud

Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12-Cup

Breville BFP660SIL 12-Cup Processor

If you are looking for an elegant food chopper to puree soups, chop up herbs, or grate cheese to make food preparation much easier, then you have to get this silver Breville BFP660SIL.

It is perfect for preparing weekday meals and also an essential tool when making food for visiting friends and family.

The 12-cup cap capacity of this BPA-free bowl makes this processor one of the largest food processors on the market.

Precutting ingredients takes up to half the cooking time in most cases, and this processor saves you this time with its 5-inch large feed chute that takes in whole ingredients.

Even processing is possible with this processor thanks to the momentary pulse button that gives you maximum control over food preparation.

This machine is a high-powered 1000 Watt device with an induction motor that offers a high level of versatility. Despite this high motor power, the processor is small and compact.

Unfortunately, the weight of this processor is on the higher side, and it weighs 15.9 pounds. Another good alternative will be the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef.


  • You can efficiently process small quantities of food because of the low-seated blades.
  • The cord has a built-in storage keeping your kitchen orderly. There also is an easy unplugging hole
  • It is powerful yet quiet
  • Its slicing disc gives you 30 different slicing widths
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Lacks a storage unit for blades and the discs
  • Doesn’t come with an emulsion disc


These are our top 7 large-sized food processors, but we have to pick one. The Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor which is ultra-quiet and has a powerful motor takes the day for us.

It comes with 7 attachment blades as well as a chopper and citrus juicer to give you and your family the perfect vitamin boost whenever you run out. The German Engineering makes this the best food processor that can elevate your meals to gourmet level.

It is also to clean, and its dual control mechanism makes food processing so much easier. It is safe to use with its processing bowl that locks on to the motor’s base and the fact that the processor will only start when you close the lid properly.  It has a capacity of 12 cups for dry ingredients and 9 cups for wet or liquid ingredients. It is also not bulky and oh, don’t we all love the fact that this is one of the quietest large processors on the market?

Other Useful Sources:

  1. Best uses for large capacity chopper
  2. What size should you get?
  3. What do you actually need?

10 Best Mini Food Processors Reviews 2017 With Buying Guide

A small food processor is a kitchen appliance that slices, dices, and purees food well even though their capacity is limited. It is similar to a blender in many ways except for the interchangeable blades and disks. Besides, a good mini-sized food processor has a shorter and wider container.

Why Chop When You Can Slice?

Show me one person who likes prepping food manually, and I will marvel. Food processors have been with us since 1946 when a group of smarties from Germany figured they could make a kill from making work easy in the kitchen.

The once large and unsightly (but handy) appliance has since been re-configured to become as efficient and esthetic as the modern chef. Simply put, this little gadget is the Holy Grail of kitchen appliances.

Best Small-Sized Food Chopper

What To Look For When Choosing A Mini Food Processor?

With all the many brands on the market, you will want to pay more attention to the specs to get value for your money. We not only give you a buying guide here, but we will also review the best small-sized food processors to make shopping easier. Typically, a bowl with a 2-3 cup capacity is perfect.

  • Size of the Bowl

Naturally, mini food choppers are mini versions of their larger-sized counterparts, and so they are lighter and occupy a much smaller footprint. The deal when it comes to size is the bowl. The size will differ from model to model, but of importance is that it suits your meals preps. The more vegetables you will need to prep, the larger the size of your preferred bowl.

  • Noise Levels

Well, there is no lying that these processors are noisy. A typical mini processor ranges from 68dB to 90dB. A regular conversation is 60dB, and so even the quietest processor will require you to raise your voices a few notches.

Our selection ranges between 68db and 80dB, which is the best the market has to offer in terms of noise levels. That is not too much to put up with, we figured.

  • The Blades

Your need for blades will depend on how you use the mini processor. A chipping blade will be handy for potato chips or vegetable strips. A reversing blade has grater on one side and a slicing blade on the other. This feature is the most important for blades.

  • Pulsing

A pulse gives short outbursts of power that distributes the load evenly and gives you consistency in your work. This feature could be a deal breaker.

  • Internal Storage For Your Bits And Pieces

A typical food chopper will have more than one set of blades, which will prompt you to have some form of storage for them (not only for easy access but your safety too). Most models will come with inbuilt storage, but others (especially those with small bowls) do not have enough capacity.

  • Maximum Capacity Disc

This attachment is not common in many small processor models, but it is handy particularly when you want to make liquids such as almond milk. This disc adjusts the force in the machine to push the liquid down when it surpasses the maximum liquid capacity. This way, your liquid will not splash all over the machine.

Other factors you may want to consider include multi-functionality, where your chopper does more than slice and dice. It could include an eggbeater and a whisk disk attachment.

Price varies according to functionality and specs, as well as the brand. We do not look at it as a factor, seeing that it does not always equal to quality. Still, if you really need cheap food processor that doesn’t sucks, then read our list of good yet affordable food processors.

Now, which is the best mini food processor on the market? These 10 are some of the best according to our evaluation.

What Are The Top-Rated Small-Sized Food Processors?

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus – Editor’s Choice

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor

It comes as no surprise that Cuisinart is our top choice, seeing that the company has dominated the kitchen appliance market for ages now. This mini with a 3-cup bowl costs less than $40! It is also featured as one of the best food processors in 2017.

Externally, this machine measures 9.8 x 8.2 x 5.6 inches and weighs 3lbs. The material is hard plastic, with all parts being dishwasher friendly. You will have a variety of colors for selection ranging from a bright green to the more toned-down silver.

The container has a handle to make the transfer of food easy, and the lid has two holes at the top. How does that help?  You can pour in your liquids without opening the lid or stopping the processor. One feature we find attractive is that the fluid drips slowly into the mixture below to give you the ideal consistency.

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep-Plus food processor has two basic settings:  chopping and grinding. The sharp blades moving clockwise are for chopping, while the reverse is for grinding your hard roots and cheeses. You will need to manually manipulate the blades to reverse them using the two buttons on the face of the chopper.

You can either use pulse for chopping or let it run continuously for finer chopping.

Every good thing has a defect, and this mini’s undoing is the noise levels: 85dB. The good thing is that it makes that much noise when chopping, but it tones it down a notch when grinding. We found a compromise by running it on high for a minute (to get the job done faster), and we found it to be bearable. Read the full review of Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus here.


  • Powerful machine with a 250-watt motor
  • Cheap
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl


  • Somehow higher noise level
  • The hole in the lid is not sealable, and so you may end up with splashes all over.

KitchenAid KFC3511ER 3.5-Cup Food Chopper

KitchenAid KFC3511ER Small Food Processor

KitchenAid kitchen appliances are known for not only having a solid construction but also being colorful. This processor is no different, with a range of over 8 colors. The base has rubber tones to hold it in place. It is mini in every sense of the word, with its minimal dimensions-7 x 5 x 9.5 inches and 3lbs.

The Polycarbonate plastic making the 3.5-cup container is BPA free. It does not have a handle. Both the lid and the container are dishwasher friendly. The lid has a hole at the top for adding you liquids without opening it, and thankfully, it seals completely to avoid spillage.

The KitchenAid KFC3511ER has two main settings: puree and chop. Unlike most models that have the switches on the base of the machine, this model has them at the top.

The reversible blade chops when it moves clockwise and purees on the anticlockwise move. Reversing the stainless steel blade not only changes the function, but it also places your food in the position for consistent cutting.

Most reviewers react to the lack of a handle. It sure does take some getting used to. There is also some noise on how complicated the top part is to disengage from the base. However, the overall view is positive, with many users praising the powerful 240-watt motor and leak-proof lid.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • The buttons are at the top
  • Impressive capacity at 3.5 cups


  • Food gets caught inside the lid sometimes
  • It takes a minute to get used to the lack of a handle

Ninja Express Chop (NJ110GR)

Ninja Express Chop (NJ110GR) 3-Cup

Bearing a 200-Watt Power Pod, this Ninja mini will grind, mince, chop as well as blend your ingredients. It has an ergonomic head, which will only work when connected correctly onto the container. It is also the pulse of the processor.

The 3-cup container is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, but the stainless steel blades are strictly hand-wash. It is quite small at 5.75 x 5.75 x 10.13 in and 2.4lbs, and sadly for color lovers, only available in gray.

One of the selling points of this Ninja is its functionality. The 200-watt motor is quite powerful to work a variety of ingredients. Nut lovers will love the way it crushes them and even makes a sauce out of them. The trick is in ensuring that the motor is not overworked as it burns quickly.

A major complaint among reviewers is food getting stuck between the engine head and the gear that spins the blade. Naturally, this fixed part is almost impossible to clean, seeing that the manufacturer has warned against immersing the gear area in water. Read the full review here.


  • The blades are extremely sharp
  • It is made of BPA-free and dishwasher friendly material
  • The powerful motor will minces, grinds, chops, and handles ice cubes gracefully


  • Sometimes have to keep pressing the head down to keep the machine working.
  • Food may get stuck

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B) – Top Pick

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B) 2-Cup

This Ninja unit is not your ordinary chopper, but more like a three-in-one unit comprising of a blender, food processor, and grinder. Yet it is powerful though small in size. It has two sets of blades for each set-up.

The 2-cup processor minces, grinds, dices, and chops vegetables and hard roots, while the blender, well, blends and purees. A 400-watt motor runs it.

The lid on the machine is leak-proof but does not contain a chute to pour your liquids. Instead, you would need to add your liquid midway or at the beginning of the process. The irreversible blades are quite sharp and thus will shred to a fine texture.

Many users love its spout, non-slip surface, and the anti-splash guard. They also commend the company on easily removable and yet dishwasher friendly parts. They also like the fact that the blades come apart for easy cleaning.

One of the complaints from users concerns the blades. Unless you pulse the process, your onions will be reduced to liquid in a snap. There’s quite a lot of space between them, which leads to inconsistencies when chopping. Here’s the in-depth review.


  • It has an anti-splash guard
  • Blades ideal for frozen chopping and blending
  • It is multi-purpose and well-priced


  • Blades are non-reversible
  • The motor can be too powerful for onions and delicate herbs

Aicok Multipurpose Mini Food Chopper, Blender and Mincer

Aicok Small-sized Processor 4.5-Cup

From looking at it, it seems too small to hold much, but it has a 4.5-cup capacity with a 250-watt motor. It does not need a power-base as the pulse is at the head. You can choose to pulse it depending on the ingredients or let it run continuously by pressing down the head unceasingly.

The blades, made from 304-stainless steel, are sharp from day one and they retain this sharpness for the appliance’s useful life. They will shred anything that comes their way including cabbages and ice cubes. Each of the two S-blades is removable for cleaning.

Reviewers like the simple cleaning process. It only has three parts (container, head, and the blades), with the container being dishwasher friendly. The blades will only need a soak in soapy water and a rinse. The head contains the gear, and so it does not need cleaning.

Reviewers have noted that it is quite noisy, (90dB), but that is normal for most small food processors. The good thing is that the motor is super powerful to allow you to chop your ingredient and turn it off quickly.


  • The powerful motor is multi-functional
  • It takes up a small footprint
  • It is cheap


  • Quite noisy
  • The spout spills smoothie

Hamilton Beach 72600 Fresh Chop 3-Cup Small Chopper

Hamilton Beach 72600 3-Cup

This Hamilton Beach mini-sized food processor has a handy feature that most lack: a hide-away cord wrap. The compartment for the cord gives this small machine a funny look, but it does not add to its weight (2lbs).

The 3-cup container is made of hard plastic and is machine washable, and so is the leak-proof lid. The lid has a drip system for pouring in liquids while working.

There has been noise from users about the processor overheating when you run it for 30-45 seconds continuously. This prompts you to shut it off for a while until the heat goes down. Additionally, the lid is a bit loose, and it will only lock perfectly when you hold it down.

It has two pulses where the handle should be. You can only slow the process down by pulsing for seconds at a time. The blades are not designed for reverse grinding, and so you will need to use a spatula to position your food for consistent chopping.

Overall, it is worth its price. It has a stable base and rubber points to hold it down ideally. You may need to be careful with the amount of time you leave it on to prevent liquefying your food. You will also need to turn it more often to avoid food sticking to the sides.

A plus point that it can be used to make baby food, definitely can be rated as one of the best baby food processors! Another budget one will be the Hamilton Beach 70740.


  • Takes up little space
  • Has a hide-away cord wrap
  • The 135-watt motor will even make sauces and baby food


  • Liquefies food fast if you run it too long
  • It takes in a small batch of food at a time

Proctor Silex 72500RY 1.5-Cup Food Chopper

Proctor Silex 72500RY 1.5-Cup Mini Chopper

The bowl on this mini food processor has a 1.5-cup capacity. The detachable gearbox is quite large, but it does not impact this machine’s overall weight. Instead, it makes the perfect base for the machine.

It is too small for whole products, and so some prepping is required for tomatoes and large onions. If you plan to chop, you will only need to pulse it a few times to prevent liquefying your food. On assessment, it works best on sauces and humus-type of spreads.

Although it is quite small, with only a 70-wat motor, it is quite the efficient worker. It shreds and chops up fast, albeit noisily.

It only has three detachable parts:  the bowl, blade, and the lid. Both container and lid are made of BPA-free plastic ad they are dishwasher friendly.

Reviewers seem to like it for its price and sturdy base. However, they wish that it had conventional on and off switches so that you can leave it to work as you do other things. As is, you have to hold it down all the while.


  • It is lightweight with a small footprint
  • It is cheap
  • Purees food to a good consistency


  • It only has two blades, which have a hard time pushing food back to center
  • It is too small and so you will need to chop up some foods

Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper (Arugula)

Chef'n VeggiChop Small Chopper

The color (Arugula) makes this small food processor stand out and look good on your kitchen counter. This chopper is manually operated. It comes with a cord that you pull to activate the blades and to bring it to action. Simply put, the size of your ingredients will depend on your pull.

It is a pretty easy appliance, with only a handful of parts: a 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.2-inch container, a set of blades, and the lid, all of which (except the blade) are dishwasher friendly.

As much as it has a large capacity, it is still ideal to cut large onions into two to make them easy to slice. After placing your ingredients in the container, twist and lock the lid, and then pull the cord to spin your blade.

The container acts as storage for later use since it comes with a sealable lid. The manufacturer says it has a three-cup capacity, but that much food would be too much to chop manually. Best chop one cup at a go.


  • It is ideal for campers and those who live off the grid
  • You will have control over how fine you want your food shredded
  • The container is large and multi-functional


  • Manual pulling is limiting
  • It is taxing if you have a lot of food to chop

The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Mini-Sized Food Chopper

The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge

With dimensions like these; 9¼” height, 3¼” diameter, you could mistake this processor for a giant saltshaker. This uniquely shaped food processing machine works differently from your standard choppers.

The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge food chopper has a zigzag stainless steel blade (six made into one serrated blade) that the manufacturer guarantees to stay sharp for as long as the chopper lasts. Unlike other choppers where food has to be placed inside a container for chopping, this particular one is designed to process food laid on a chopping board.

It is manual, and so you chop by pushing the plunger down as many times as you wish depending on the size you want. The blades are protected by a wing-like structure inside the structure of the chopper. You will only need to part the ‘wings’ to rinse the blades out.

The rest of the containers (and lid) are dishwasher friendly, and they come apart quite easy. For smaller food items such as nuts or mushy tomatoes, you can chop the, directly in the lid to avoid splashing juice all over.


  • It is manually operated and so ideal for camping
  • It is easy to clean, and the parts are dishwasher safe
  • It needs very little space


  • You will need to break the food down into manageable pieces
  • It can only handle small bits of food at a time

Brieftons Manual Hand-Held Vegetable Chopper

Brieftons Mini Vegetable Chopper

This one is yet another handy manually operated chopper that comes with a container for storage. The parts come off fast and are just as easy to put together, with all of them being dishwasher safe. All parts are made of BPA-free plastic.

It chops just about anything you need for cooking (even cooked meat). Your pull will determine the size of vegetables coming out of it, and so you will not need to worry about pulverizing food.

It is even fun to work with, and even children (under observation) will enjoy the exercise.

It has a 3-cup capacity although it would serve you better to add a few ingredients at a time, noting that it is hand operated.

Most reviewers like it for its ease of use and reasonable price. A great small vegetable food processor.


  • Perfect for small kitchens and RVs
  • The container doubles up as storage
  • Much quieter as compared to electric choppers


  • Manual chopping is daunting
  • It takes longer to chop a large batch of food

Final Verdict

Electric mini food processors make better appliances when you have a ton of vegetables to go through. If you only need a handful to chop, (and are not challenged physically), you can always opt for the manually operated chopper. You will notice, though, that they are limited in functionality and so only ideal for chopping.

If you need a cheap yet effective multifunctional small processor, then those mentioned above should fulfill your needs well.

What Are The 10 Best Food Processors in 2017? The One And Only Review Guide You Need.

Last updated: June 1, 2017 at 22:17 pm

Food Processor Comparison Table

Name of ProductSetupFilling capacityNoisePrice 
Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor (Top-Rated)Easy14-CupQuiet$$$
Breville Sous Chef Food Processor (Editor's Choice)Moderate16-CupModerate$$$
Braun K650 MultiquickEasy9-CupQuiet$$$
Ninja Mega Kitchen SystemEasy8-CupLoud$$$
Cuisinart Mini-Prep PlusEasy4-CupModerate $
Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food ProcessorEasy10-CupModerate $
Oster Pro Blender 2 in 1 Food ProcessorModerate5-CupModerate $$
Cuisinart Elemental 8-Cup Food ProcessorEasy8-CupLoud $$
KitchenAid 13-Cup Food ProcessorHard13-CupQuiet$$$
Braun FP3020 Food ProcessorEasy12-CupQuiet $$

What is the best food processor you might ask? These machines are widely used nowadays in the kitchen. No kitchen is complete without one of its most important appliances.

A truly useful and good food chopper has the ability to be a great multipurpose kitchen appliance that can assists all cooks in the kitchen. Therefore, preparation time in making a meal is majorly cut down hence increasing the efficiency in the kitchen.

Users mainly benefits in chopping, slicing, cutting, pureeing and kneading and grating all kinds of ingredients in the kitchen. Hence, it helps us a great deal by processing food fast, reducing the time in making a gourmet meal, and finally saves our energy and time in processing the food by our own hands.

How To Pick And Choose Food Chopper?

When looking for a good food processor, you will need to know what are their pros and cons, what specific functions do you need, the amount of capacity you need etc.

Basically most people will need a 11 to 14-cup processor. Though a little heavier and bigger, they are very powerful and durable enough to last you for many years.

If you have a larger family, then it makes perfect sense to go for the bigger-sized ones instead of just 7 or 9-cups.

On the other hand if you are in a smaller family, you might want to consider getting small food processors instead. They are also known as mini food choppers.

They have bowl sizes that go up to 6 cups. In my opinion and from consumer’s feedback, 3 cups seem to be a good size.

These mini machines are great for lighter usage and smaller jobs such as chopping garlic, herbs, onions etc. They can also be used to grind spices, blend butters and mayonnaise.

Since they are lighter and smaller in size, they are an easier option for storage compared to the full-sized ones.

Now let us look at some of the key areas a top food processor should perform well in.

Risk of Leakage

When being blended at top speed, the food from the machine tends to leak out either from the top or the bottom if it is not solid and steady. Also, make sure that your lid is properly closed.

Hence, you should look for a high-quality food processor that has sealed bowl feature to prevent spillage of food to refrain from having this problem.


The setup should be straightforward and not complicated so even beginners can figure their way out to use the blender. The setup mostly include buttons on the blender.

Some blenders might have speed dials and thickness adjusters to get better and even results after processing according to your own preference.

Typical food processors have 2 settings which are On/Off and Pulse, for adjusting the speeds.

Filling Capacity

The filling capacity is the total area in the blender that you can fill up with. The filling capacity should be high so you can cook more food without worrying about it overflowing.

High filling capacity is also a plus point for larger families as you can cook a lot one short without reloading for the second batch.

You should be looking for wide feed tube so that you will not need so much pre-chopping before fitting the food into the machine.

Bases And Motors

One of the criteria for top-rated food processor is strong base and motor.

If you are mixing doughs for making bread, then a sturdy base is definitely required. If the base or motor is not strong enough, the doughs might not be able to mix well.


Everyone prefers a soundless blender but unfortunately, not all blenders are quiet when processing food. Most of these machines are noisy due to the high power used for the motor to operate.

Therefore if you want peace and quiet while cooking, you should go for the quiet motor food choppers. You can even minimize the sound by padding the bottom of the blender to prevent vibration.

Difference Between Food Processor and Blender?

Food choppers are more suitable for splitting, dough kneading, slicing, grating, grinding, chopping, mashing and pulverizing your foods. Basically they are great in handling heavy foods. You can even blend hummus and chop rough ingredients like nuts.

These food machines usually have bigger work bowl and capacity for handling heavy-duty tasks.

Blenders on the other hand doesn’t have enough power or capacity to do what we mentioned above for food processing machines. Countertop blenders are more suitable to handle tasks such as grinding, emulsifying, blending, pureeing etc. They are best for making sauces, cocktails, smoothies, soups etc.

These machines excel at giving you a smooth texture of the blended ingredients or liquids.

What is The Best Food Processor and Chopper?

Every machine has its own strengths and weaknesses, but overall they should be able to function well as what a well-built processor should be.

From chopping vegetables to grinding nuts to juicing fruits, a good food chopper should be able to mince them into fine textures. Besides that, the sharpness of the blades and power of motor plays a huge part on whether the machine is among the best,

Our team has done extensive research and tests on various food processor brands. Besides that, we have gathered tons of consumers feedback to back those results.

Therefore we are proud today to present you the list of top 10 food processors that belongs to the elite in the market right now and for the year 2017. Hope you will be able to make a good buying decision after reading this review.

Here are 10 recommended food processors rated and decided by certain aspects.

  1. The setup is rated from easy to hard.
  2. The filling capacity is rated according to number of cups.
  3. The noise is rated from quiet to loud.
  4. The pricing is based on low-priced to high-priced.

Breville Sous Chef – Editor’s Choice

Best Food Processor

Breville’s BFP800XL comes with a great assortment of discs and blades. The various types of discs are julienne, French fry, whisking and reversible shredding disc.

On the other hand, the various types of blades are dough blade, mini blade and a micro-serrated universal S blade.

It has a unique design which includes a 5.5 inch super wide feed tube. A wide feed tube reduces the need to pre-cut the food before being processed and also so you can cram more food in without having to reload so many times.

Equipped with a LCD screen that displays the count up and count down automatic time, you can easily set your own preferred time for the processing.

This food chopper includes 2 bowls which are the 16 cup processing bowl to blend up large servings of soup and dough and finally the 2.5 cup mini processing bowl for processing small amounts of sauces and nuts.

During our review of this Breville BFP800XL machine, we found that it is very stable. In terms of safety, this product has a non-skid rubber fit at the bottom to increase stability, hence producing a safe environment.

The motor also cannot operate unless the bowl, lid and large food pusher are locked securely into position, hence preventing any accidents if you accidentally turn on the switch.

A good quality large food processor is highly recommended if you have a big family as you can cook more food at once.

Furthermore, this product has an adjustable slicer as in a slicing blade that allows you to pick your desired thickness of the food being sliced. The blades are very sharp, so take extra precaution in handling and cleaning it.

This machine is quiet when processing food and has a sturdy bowl with seals on it to prevent leakage or spilling over of food and liquids. Breville brand is of good quality so if taken good care of, this product will last for a very long time.

This product is heavy and tall due to a lot of attachment included, so lift and move it around carefully. It also takes up a lot of space on the counter so allocate a perfect, spacious place in the kitchen for it.

Also, it is advised to handwash this chopper as it is not dishwasher-safe. Overall this machine stands out among the rest and is listed in our list as the best food chopper. Highly recommended.

Suitable for :

  • Wide feed tube
  • LCD display screen timer
  • Multi-functional discs and blades

Cuisinart 14-Cup – Top Rated Food Processor

Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

Equipped with a stainless steel slicing disc, shredding disc and chopping blade and a spatula, this Cuisinart 14-Cup machine uses working power of 720 watt and has a fairly large capacity approximately measured by 14 cups, thus allowing much more food into the processor even for a full gourmet meal.

This chopper is easy to use as it has no complicated attachments and is provided with a good manual. If you are still confused in assembling the parts of the machine, it is best to watch an online constructional video to assist your understanding. This product is powered by a 2 button system (on and off), hence making it even simple to use.

This product is not lightweight mainly because of its heavy base which is made from stainless steel, hence increasing its stability at the base and lowering its center of gravity. Being stainless steel, the food processor cleans well without getting discoloured.

Besides, this food chopper has a quiet motor which is a plus point in creating the perfect environment during cooking. Also, the machine’s parts are dishwasher-safe which concludes that all parts of the machine can be put into the dishwasher except for the base.

This Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY food processor is powerful enough to knead dough easily, nevertheless it is advised to not force wet and heavy dough into the machine as it mostly works well with soft doughs.

Equipped with sharp blades, this chopper processes the food very fast, hence getting the job done efficiently. However, be extra careful with your fingers when handling the blades.

This product can be used for a long time if handled properly and with great care. And, it is also an excellent preparation for slow juicing hence this product is suitable in making smoothies and fruit juices.

Having a larger feed tube, more ingredients can be added when chopping, grinding and pureeing. This food processor with grinder function also has a wide mouth which is great for larger vegetables so cutting down into tiny bits before putting them in is unnecessary.

The dough blade used in making pastries for this appliance is not provided so you need to purchase it separately. It is also slightly difficult to clean food debris stuck on the top lid and pusher. However, the latest version has an opening that washes the residue out.

Suitable for:

  • Quiet motor
  • Large feed tube
  • Stainless steel

Braun K650 Multiquick Machine – Best Value Food Processor

Best Value Food Processor

With a power of 600 Watts for processing food, this Braun’s appliance is an excellent and powerful machine with a large capacity. No wonder it is rated as one of the best food processors in consumers’ choices.

It comes with good instructions, so it is easy to understand and use this machine, hence making it easy to assemble even for a beginner.

The attachments included for this Braun’s machine are dough hook, universal chopping blade, cream attachment for perfect whipping results, a citrus juicer and finally a versatile slicing system which includes a slicer, shredder and grater.

Braun K650 is well known for its sealed bowl attachment. The vital purpose of this feature is to prevent food leakage when the blender is at high speed and successfully keeping liquids contained without spilling.

Being really durable, it can last for many years, provided taken good care of. It is also made up of plastic materials, hence making it lightweight compared to other products.

Moreover, this processing machine has variable speeds so you can adjust it freely depending on the type and size of food going to be processed.

Having multiple speeds, it is easy to control the according to your own preference and speed.

The chopping blade comes in various sizes and can be used according to way you want your food processed. For example to slice onions into thin slices, you should use a chopping blade at high speed to get the best results.

In terms of safety, Braun K650 is excellent as it will not work unless the lid is placed securely.

Not only that, this product shreds soft cheese perfectly. However, prevent from putting too much load or hard cheese in it. There is a very high chance of damage by doing so.

It is very easy to clean this food processor after use since there are not many place where the food can get easily stuck and the parts such as the blades and discs are easy to dissemble.

So just clean it by rinsing it with water or even putting it in the dishwasher. However, refrain from placing the chopping blade into the dishwasher.

Also, refrain from putting the food chopper close to hot surface as it has a plastic base. This food chopper also might vibrate a little if heavy and hard food is being processed so monitor it frequently when in use.

When in doubt you can refer to their support and help at their website.

Suitable for :

  • Large capacity
  • Sealed bowl attachment
  • Multiple speed control

Ninja Mega Kitchen System – Best Food Processor Blender Combo

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Food Processor

Ninja Mega’s food chopper is perfect for making smoothies as it has a total crushing blender system. This crushes the ice and frozen food you place in the blender in seconds.

Powered with 1500 Watts, this Ninja food processor and blender combo has enough power to liquefy the fruits for a smoothie or frozen drink and break up and crush the seeds well in fruits. You are advised to blend fruits with a lot of seeds a little longer for the best blended results.

This product includes a reversible slicing and shredding disc, a grating disc for perfect and even grating results, nutri ninja blade assembly, dough blade, chopping blade, and finally 3 ninja cups with to go lids.

Weighing just 19.5 pounds, this large appliance is quite heavy hence making it extra stable. Also, it has a large capacity so this product is suitable if you have a large family or if you are planning to cook a lot of food.

Besides that, this blender is easy to use because instead of screwing the blades at the bottom of the jar, you need only drop the blades down into the jar, therefore engaging driving mechanism.

On the other hand, to clean this blender, you just need to pull the blade out of the jar to clean it separately without needing to dismantle it. However, be cautious of the sharp blades since they are mobile due to its removal during cleaning.

This product is quite bulky and space-consuming due to its heavy weight and large capacity. Thus, you should allocate a suitable space for this blender in the kitchen to assist you when cooking.

Made up of plastic, the lid of this blender is open-mouthed hence being spill-proof. Therefore, you should be careful when using the blender to prevent spilling and leakage of food and liquids.

This food chopper is also noisy due to the system being powerful but is fairly compensated by the quick results of processing food achieved immediately.

Suitable for :

  • Total crushing blender food processor combo
  • Big with large capacity
  • Reversible shredding
  • Best for smoothies

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus – Great Small Food Processor

Best Small Food Processor

If you are someone who only need light usage such as small chopping or grinding tasks for your kitchen, then this Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus processor could be more suitable for your needs.

Spending hundreds of dollars on a food processor may not be for everyone, so this best value mini food processor can be a good alternative in terms of usage and costs.

The blender is really good at chopping up small items such as garlic and onions very evenly. In fact from our extensive research, tests and consumer’s feedback, this machine performs better than some major competitors in evenly blended textures.

Since this is a small machine, there are only 2 buttons on the machine mainly for grinding and chopping.

The grinding blade’s sharpness is reduced compared to the heavier duty food processor and the blades turn clockwise in direction when grinding the food.

The blades for chopping turn counter-clockwise so that the sharp edge and chops up the food in real fine pieces.

This Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus comes with a 3-cup/4-cup plastic bowl and a 250-watt motor. As long as you do not use it for straining tasks such as making doughs, it can work very well without producing any loud sound.

Grating cheese can be easy and fast with this machine. It grinds very well with just one blade and does it with style.

For those who are always having issues with cleaning small appliances, rest assured that this machine is very easy to clean.

Basically for a small-sized machine yet with some impressive functions, the Cuisinart appliance scores high in its value, performance and ease-of-use. A great kitchen helper that is safe to use and easy to clean.

A great mini machine at a great affordable price. Recommended.

Suitable for :

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy storage
  • Light-usage

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup – Cheap and Affordable Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor

This Hamilton Beach food processing machine includes a chopping and mixing blade, a slicing disc, shredding disc, bowl and a bowl scraper. This product is simple to use as the attachments are easy to assemble and dismantle. This inexpensive food processor really attracts with its low price.

The bowl scraper that comes with this product assists in scraping the sides of the bowl efficiently without you using a spatula manually to scrape the food stuck at the sides in between processing. It also works while the processor is on or off thus making it easier for the user.

Moreover, this product has a 2-speed plus pulse chopping blade and a slicing and shredding disc. Therefore, you can set the level of speed according to your preference and the type of food you are processing.

It also has a large feed tube for chopping and mixing so you can add more food to be processed for mass processing. If you have a large family, this kitchen appliance is also suitable for you as it has a large capacity which is 10-cup sized bowl.

This machine is also lightweight hence you can easily carry it and move it around. Not only that, it is powerful with 450 Watts of power so you will have maximum satisfaction with the texture of food processed.

Being dishwasher-safe, the Hamilton Beach processor is easy and fast to clean. However if you plan on hand-washing this food processor, you should be extra careful as the blades are sharp. You can read the owner’s manual for safety tips.

Furthermore, this product is slightly noisy when processing but then again most food processors with high power are noisy. If you process the food at low level speed, it will be less noisy. Another alternative is Hamilton Beach 70740.

Also, it is a little difficult to remove the lid of this food chopper so you should put it right when processing the food. Not only that, make sure you fit the lid properly to prevent the food from flying out of the machine  when at high speed.

Suitable for :

  • Large chunks of ingredients
  • Bowl scraping
  • Easy usage

Oster Pro Blender 2 in 1

Oster Pro 1200 Food Processor

The Oster Pro Blender is perfect for smoothie lovers as it is excellent in making smoothies, juices and milkshakes.

Having an extra wide 3.5 inch blade system as one of its features, faster and smoother results of processed foods can be obtained as this feature allows the ingredients to flow down into the blade easily without getting stuck in between.

The Dual Direction blending feature in this product enables reversed spinning, hence getting a smooth texture of the food being processed without leaving chunks. This blender is made from plastic and has a moderate weight.

Moreover, this product has a 6-cup Boroclass glass jar that withstands thermal shock, thus preventing the glass from cracking easily. A pulse feature is also included where you can control the grinding process by just pushing a button to blend with high precision.

This product comes with an extra-large capacity 24oz smoothie cup, 5-cup food processing bowl, stainless steel slicing disk and a chopping blade. The chopping blades are very sharp and solid, hence cutting and grinding ingredients effectively.

This food chopper is programmed with high technology smart settings. For example, there is a smoothie button on the blender. When u click it, it will automatically blends smoothies without you setting the time and speed. So, you need not have any knowledge on how to make a smoothie.

Good instructions are provided on how to assemble this product and its attachments hence, this product is easy to use. The cleaning also is simple, you just have to dissemble certain parts and rinse the food processor with water and soap or you could just use the dishwasher.

This blender leaks sometimes so you are advised to tighten the bottom part well and assemble the parts tightly. Also, the bottom locking knob is fragile so inspect this product before using it.

The Oster Pro is slightly small so it is not very suitable for large families unless you don’t mind processing a few times.

Suitable for :

  • Dual direction blending
  • Pulse feature
  • Smart settings

Cuisinart Elemental 8-Cup

Cuisinart Elemental 8-Cup Food Processor

Powered by a 350 Watts motor, this food processor includes a dough blade, additional small bowl, three sizes of chute, dicing kit and a storage kit. The storage kit helps you organize your discs and blades consistently.

The thickness of slicing can be adjusted according to your own preference using the thickness selection dial on the slicing blade. The reversible shredding feature is also available for coarse and fine shredding.

The capacity of this food processor is large, approximately measured by an 8- cup work bowl so you can prepare a larger quantity of food. Moreover, more ingredients can be added during processing by the integrated and wide mouth feed tube of this product.

Completely made of plastic, this product is lightweight and easy to clean. You can either hand-wash this machine or use the dishwasher because all the removable parts of this food processor such as bowls and blades are dishwasher-safe.

This processor has a lock function for safety. It will not work if the lock is not securely properly so you need to understand the locking mechanism properly before using it.

The mechanism is slide the feeding tube towards the end of the cover so it is aligned directly over the black handle part of the bowl. After this, you can use the appliance safely.

Besides, the center post of this blender is attached completely to its base, hence it cannot be removed during cleaning. Therefore, you are advised to be cautious when rinsing this particular part with water to refrain water from getting inside the motor.

This product is quite noisy when processing food but so is most of the blenders, so if you don’t mind some noise do not hesitate to purchase this machine.

Suitable for :

  • Can adjust thickness
  • Wide mouth feed tube
  • Lock function for safety
  • Reversible shredding

KitchenAid 13-Cup

KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor

KitchenAid’s food processor has an Exact Slice System which contributes to precise and accurate slicing for all types of food.

The attachments included are a 13-cup work bowl, 4-cup work bowl, external adjustable slicing disc, dough blade, multipurpose blade, mini multipurpose blade, spatula and an accessory case.

Moreover, it has an ultra-wide mouth feed tube which accommodates a fair share of fruits and vegetables with minimal preparation work required.

The ultra-tight seal feature on the other hand, is a specially designed locking mechanism with a leak-resistant so you can fill the bowl to the right capacity without worrying whether it will spill out.

Having the High, Low and Pulse option helps you to control the intensity and speed of chopping and grinding the way you like it by just a touch of a button.

If you feel that enough slicing for instance has been done, just click the Pulse button and the machine will stop automatically rather than turning it off.

A storage box is included with this food processor so you can organize your tools, blades and discs to prevent losing them in future.

The 4-cup work bowl can be used to prepare little food while the 13-cup work bowl is for mass processing of food. The larger bowl is usually used if you have a large family so you can process larger amount of food easily assisted by the powerful and quiet motor.

This food processor is slightly complicated to use. If you have any trouble figuring out how to use this KitchenAid machine, you can always find their product support here.

Some food residues usually gets stuck where the bowl and lid connect, hence leading to wastage of food and making it harder to clean. The machine also gets heated easily if used for a long time so it is advised to let it cool down for awhile before you resume your cooking.

Suitable for :

  • Exact slice system
  • Wide mouth feed tube and tight seal feature
  • Has storage box

Braun FP3020 12-Cup

Braun FP3020 12-Cup Food Processor

Equipped with a Dual Control System with variable speed, the Braun food processor ensures that you can pre-set the speed function. Hence, immediate and even results of your food processed can be achieved.

The processing starts automatically after you choose between the 11 variety of speed available according to your own preference. This will ensure you have more control over the performance of the food being processed.

Moreover, this product is easy to clean. Every part of this product including the attachments such as the blades and juicers are dishwasher-safe except the base with the motor. If you plan to hand-wash this food processor, take precautions as the blades are very sharp.

This product does not leak when processing food even at high speed so it is a good investment as there won’t be any wastage of food and mess on the counter.

This food processor also does not leave big chunks of unprocessed food after processing hence the slicing blades processes, grinds and slices the food very well to a fine texture.

There is a juicer attachment that is included with this machine so you can make juices and smoothies easily as this attachment performs an excellent job of extracting juices from fruits and vegetables.

Unlike many other food processor products, Braun FP3020 is quiet despite its high power of 600 Watts. Therefore, if you prefer a noiseless food processor for a peaceful kitchen atmosphere, you should purchase this product.

This product is light but big hence it takes up a lot of space on the counter. Due to the large storage space needed, you should  plan and allocate some space for this appliance in your kitchen.

Besides that, this product has a wide feed tube so you can process a lot of food altogether at once hence saving time and electricity. It is also suitable for big families so you can make enough food for everyone.

Suitable for :

  • Lightweight
  • Wide feed tube
  • Saving time and electricity

Care and Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a food processor, it’s not that difficult or time consuming at all. You don’t even any special tools to keep it at its top working condition.

However one of the most important properties in a food chopper is its blades. While all types of blades can get blunt, the ones in these machines are of high-quality and are specially designed to last for a lifetime.

Having said that, if you are going to use the machine very frequently like almost every one or two days, then it is inevitable that the blades will get dull after months or years.

When that happens, you do not need to fret because most brands offer blade replacement at their website. What you need to do is to order the blades and replace the old ones.

Cleaning wise, you may use a simple brush to clean the feed tube. Use a small amount of dishwashing liquid on the bowls and run water over them and the machine.

Do not submerge the base of the machine in water or the electrical circuits will get damaged. Whenever dirty or stained, just use a dry cloth to go over it.

Most machines have parts that are dishwasher safe such as stainless steel blades, bowls and other attachments. You can use handwash easily even if you do not have one.

Conclusion and Verdict

A food processor is a vital kitchen appliance that help assist us in our daily life. Therefore, you should choose the best food processor based on the filling capacity, set-up, sound, power, functions and finally the price.

One type of chopper that was not included in this top 10 list is the commercial grade food processor for professional cooks and ultra-heavy duty usage.

If you are a professional chef who needs one, the best commercial food processor that we have done deep research with good feedback is the Waring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl with LiquidLock Seal System.

It is very powerful, comes with ultra-sharp blades and built to give high-quality performance. Most probably can last for many years in your kitchen.

Bear in mind that quality costs, so choose top rated food processors that is worth your investment. I hope this list of  reviews can assist you in making a right choice.


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