Tramontina Cookware Reviews and Buying Guide 2017: Your Tips on Frugality at Home

There is one thing that pulls families and foes together – good food. And the secret weapon for great meals enjoyed peacefully, a secret which our grandparent may have let slip out of their mouths (because they care about us) is the right cookware.


Tramontina Ceramic 11-piece Deluxe Cookware Set

Tramontina Ceramic 11-piece Deluxe Cookware Set

Constructed with durable porcelain enamel. Extremely easy to wash and clean. Highly Recommended.

But why cooking ware? Why not ingredients or the cooking method?

  • More delicious meals – you cannot fry everything. At the same time, you cannot boil everything. For meat to be tender and for the tastiest soups and vegetables, the food has to cook slowly. This is not possible when you have a thin cooking pot. A heavier, nonstick pot with seasoning is necessary hence the phrase – it’s all in the pot.
  • Economical – while teaching us on the need to prepare good food to be shared together, they also mentioned that you get richer when you cook. All the money spent eating out should buy cookware then start making healthy and delicious foods affordably from the comfort of your home – using affordable ingredients.
  • Healthier – did you know that iron cast cookware has health benefits that leech into the food we eat then to our bodies? Yes, cooking with a Tramontina cast iron cookware is healthy. On the same note, when you cook at home, you use good cooking and healthy ingredients. That food is healthier than the restaurants and definitely incomparable to junk food.

But How Does One Know Which Is The Right Cookware?

First, we have to attest to the fact that we all had our epic kitchen fails when buying cookware – until we came across Tramontina cookware!

Is it hard to filter through the hundreds, if not thousands of cookware on the online market? Here is the guide you have been looking for:


Buy cookware with their use in mind. Is it suitable for sautéing, frying, simmering, sauce preparation, stir-frying, boiling, baking, roasting, deep frying, or braising?

Brand Name

Some brands just sell themselves, and Tramontina is one of these brands. The most impressive part is that the brand sticks to its name and ensures that every user gets the best out of their cookware. So, always go for known brands but be cautious of brand names on the brink of decline.

The Material

The efficiency of a cooking pan, pot, or skillet lies on the material used in its construction. This is because the material determines heat distribution, cleaning, cooking technique as well as compatibility with cooktops.

Let’s take a look at the cookware materials we know of:

Stainless Steel – it is relatively indestructible and safe because it doesn’t react with any food. To clean, you need to use steel wool or even boil with vinegar. Fortunately, most stainless steel cookware is dishwasher-safe.

Bare Aluminum – since it reacts with food, you have to get one coated with a nonstick film. It may also warp, and you will have to replace the non-stick coating. You may consider using it for delicate foods like fish and eggs. Hard anodized pans and pots’ construction is out of pure aluminum, and you can use it on an induction cooker because it isn’t ferromagnetic.

Cast-Iron – this material has been used for cookware for eons, and there must be a reason for the timeless preference. From our research and experience, cast-iron pots and pans are the best for slow cooking meals and every meal that needs even heat distribution. Ensure that is has a nonstick coat in its interior. It is excellent for low-heat cooking. Unfortunately, cast-iron is heavy, and you have to season it frequently.

Copper – it is heavier than aluminum though both have equal performance levels. It is also expensive, not dishwasher safe, and it oxidizes.

Ceramic/enamel/glass – these aren’t the perfect choices for stove top cooking but, they hold well for slow-cooking meals. Ceramic and enamel are safe for use in the oven. Just ensure that everyone in your house understands that your cookware is fragile.


Cookware can have disc base or a clad/multi-layered material. Clad has stainless steel, aluminum core and a magnetic element like copper. It is expensive and suitable for saute pans, sauce pans, and skillets. It is the preferable choice for cooking thick stews.

The disc base, on the other hand, is cheaper than the former and inappropriate in skillets, sauce and saute pans. It doesn’t work well with thick stews, and heat distribution is uneven.


Can you afford that cookware set? If not, which company offers a set or a piece with matching features affordably? Go for quality rather than quantity, and as you already know, the best cookware piece or set is expensive.

Pro Tip: compare prices before placing an order and watch out for offers and discounts. Also, choose sets over individual pieces if you can.

Nonstick Coating

This is an integral part to look out for in Tramontina non stick pans reviews. The coat should be safe and durable. There are PTFE and Ceramic nonstick coats. The ceramic nonstick coat will survive overheating compared to PTFEs. But, either coating wears out after years of active use.

That said, let’s jump right into the best Tramontina cookware. Read on the reviews to learn more about the top 9 Tramontina pans, skillets and sets.

Tramontina Non Stick Cookware Reviews

First of all, there are a couple of brands with non-stick features but let’s take a look at the 4 best models from Tramontina.

Tramontina PrimaWare 18-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

Tramontina Nonstick Cookware Review

Ladies, and gentlemen, if you happen to be active on social media, then you’ve probably seen the long list of items you must own by the time you hit 30. In that list is an important section of your kitchen that mentions how you must have a high-quality cooking set, even if you aren’t the best cook.

Guess what? We agree with that argument/ statement, and we’d recommend that you get this 18-piece cookware set even in your twenties and yes, it is a perfect set for anyone above 30 or 70. Here are the reasons we are rooting for this Tramontina Primaware set:

18-Piece Complete Set

I don’t know about you, but I find buying stuff in bulk economical, convenient, and less stressful. Imagine visiting the grocery store every day for one item? Isn’t it tiring? Isn’t it easy to get junk food on the go when you have to get a few items at a time? Well, that is the reason why caregivers and out parents had a grocery shopping day which catered for all groceries that last at least a week. This is the same with this set. You have everything you could need for cooking anything. At the same time, if you look through Amazon and other selling sites, you’ll realize that it is cheaper buying the 18 pieces rather than one piece at a time.


Regardless of your kitchen’s design, this set of gray natural aluminum in complete cookware looks good in any home and kitchen. This color combination blends well in any kitchen, and you will feel a little proud of yourself whenever you cook.

Ease of Use

The riveted pots, pans, and skillets have stay-cool handles that make cooking much easier and safer. Everyone is turning to nonstick cookware and these pans got you with their patterned gray nonstick interiors. What’s more, the nonstick feature makes the cookware easy to clean.

The clear glass lids make it possible for you to monitor your cooking process easily. The pans, pots, and skillets distribute heat uniformly for even cooking.


Buying a cookware set is a small home investment that will guarantee hearty meals for your family and friends. A sound investment must yield good value for your money. So, if you are looking for durable cookware, look no further than at Tramontina PrimaWare cooking set. The lids’ tempered glass design makes them heat-resistant and shatter-resistant.

Heat Source Compatibility

We bet that this is your biggest worry but, you know what, this cookware is compatible with electric and gas cookers, as well as ceramic glass cooktops.


Seasoning cookware is necessary. Before use, you’ll have to clean the pan using warm, soapy water then dry it thoroughly. Once dry, season it lightly by rubbing cooking oil on the non-stick part then heat the cookware over medium heat for about two or three minutes.

Does the set come with downsides?

Oops! Just one downside, so far – it isn’t compatible with an induction stove top.

Tramontina 15-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set

Tramontina Hard Anodized Cookware Review

You have three reasons to buy this cookware set:

  • Your kitchen needs a makeover
  • The set is durable and high quality
  • It is amazing. Do you sometimes buy stuff just because that item is so good? This is one of those items.

What does the set offer?

Many Pieces

At some point, you will have to host a big party, and you don’t want to look embarrassed by your lack of cookware. With these fifteen pieces, every meal will be prepared comfortably in a fitting pot or pan.

Ergonometric Design

This set’s design features riveting on the cast stainless steel handles. As you already noticed with your old unriveted pans, you require riveting for strength and stability. The riveted handles are stainless steel with a satin finish. Unless when using in the oven, the handles do not get uncomfortably hot.

Durable Design

When going through Tramontina hard anodized cookware reviews, you’ll notice that besides comfort and support, these pans are durable and will live with you for a long time thanks to the hard anodization feature. The engineering process on each piece gives the sleek design. The hard anodized exterior withstands high temperatures, it is very durable and doesn’t discolor during its timeless lifetime.


As a heavy-gauge vessel, any Tramontina 15-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware piece has a nonstick interior finish which simplifies cooking and cleans up.


They are made tempered glass which means that they are shatter-proof and heat-resistant lasting for as long as the anodized pots, pans, and skillets do. They also come with wide bands of stainless steel rims.

Maximum Heat Capacity

All items in the Tramontina 15-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set can withstand up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit – this makes them oven-friendly. Also, note that you can cook any meal in the cookware.

As a precaution, beware that the cookware may warp on very high heat. The other downside is that the pans lack pouring spouts.

Tramontina Ceramic 11-piece Deluxe Cookware Set

Tramontina Ceramic 11-piece Deluxe Cookware Set

There is a fulfillment that accompanies owning the best ceramic cookware set. You may never get to flaunt it on social media but, you get an inherent assurance of the best home-cooked meals. While the market is filled with a broad range of ceramic cookware brands, Tramontina wows us with their unique cookery sets and the Tramontina ceramic cookware reviews around the web tell it all.

This 11-piece kitchen masterpiece is made of ceramic, and the exterior has a durable porcelain enamel finish. The interior has a metallic gray porcelain enamel finish that is very easy to clean.

The pans and pots have a cold-forged heavy-gauge aluminum construction for even heat distribution and longevity.

Is Tramontina Cookware Safe?

If you have been shying away from nonstick pans because of fear that the nonstick material is unsafe, then, this is the pan to quell your fears. The interior surface is a PFOA, PTFE, lead, cadmium-free ceramic nonstick interior that is eco-friendly, safe, healthy, easy to clean and, easy release of food.

Functionality and Durability

Your ability to use a pan easily and comfortably is imperative for anyone cooking. While other pans fail to address this, the Tramontina ceramic 11-piece deluxe cookware set takes care of this problem with its silicone handles that give a soft grip.

Cooking is also made easier with the shatter-resistant and heat resistant tempered glass lids that have a non-conducive handle. The transparent lids mean that you can monitor your cooking progress smoothly. While reviewing this Tramontina ceramic cookware, we are even more assured that you will not go wrong with this purchase.

Cleaning – you can clean these pans and pots easily with warm soapy water. Alternatively, you can place them in the dishwasher because they are dishwasher safe.

Cooking Environment – this cookware set can withstand the high heat of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit making it ideal baking in the oven. They are also compatible with electric and gas cookers, or ceramic glass cooktops.

You can cook with wooden, silicone, or rubber utensils. Season with cooking oil under medium heat once you clean them.

The only issue we have with this set is that the 11 pieces are relatively expensive compared to other Tramontina cookware. Here’s the in-depth review of Tramontina 11-pc ceramic deluxe cookware set.

Tramontina Professional Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan

Tramontina Professional Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan

Today we reveal the secret the best chefs hide from us – it is the pan, well, maybe you can add their intuition which leads them to buy the best pan for their restaurants. Since this is no longer a secret, we are going to throw in an extra tip – get the 10-inch Tramontina 80114/535DS Professional Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan made of natural aluminum.

Why the praise for this frying pan?

Superior Construction and Performance

As the kitchen manager and the heart of the restaurant, you require a high-quality pan with a structural design to withstand the pressure from a busy kitchen. The Tramontina non-stick frying pan is a commercial-grade 3004 aluminum pan thickly constructed for durability and even heat transfer. This pan has an NSF certification.

So, this is a high-performance pan, but, is this Tramontina cookware safe? Yes, it is its PFOA-free Eclipse non-stick construction. This simplifies food release and pan cleaning.

The triple riveted cast-stainless steel handle that features a removable and a soft grip red silicone sleeve has a hang-hole for keeping the cooking spoon and for storage on the pot racks.  This enhances maneuverability as you cook.

Ease of Use/Versatility

As mentioned above, the pan is nonstick for easy release and cleaning. Something else makes this pan amazing – it is dishwasher safe. It is also oven-safe withstanding up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides use in the oven, it is compatible for use on an electric or a gas cooker, or a ceramic glass top.

What Won’t You Like?

The fact that you cannot use it on an induction stove top, just like other aluminum pans.

Other than that, this beauty will help you whip magic in the kitchen. Read the full review of Tramontina professional restaurant fry pan here.

A Look At Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware Reviews

Tramontina Tri-Ply Clad Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Tramontina Stainless Steel Cookware Review

If you are looking for a gift for you mom and she has been stuck with her fave, but now old pans and pots, why not surprise her with this set of Tramontina 12-piece Tri-ply stainless steel cookware?

We promise that this is the perfect set because all the pieces are induction-ready and safe for oven use. They can bear high temperatures, up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because of the pan’s 18/10 stainless steel Tri-Ply clad construction.

The stainless steel lids fit immaculately retaining moisture and flavors. Riveting the lids enhances stability. The pans and pots are dishwasher safe and work on all cooktops. The high performance of this Tramontina stainless steel cookware makes them perfect for household and professional cooking. With the construction design and materials, this set will not need replacement.

The twelve pieces comprise of: a 10″ Saute Pan, a 12″ Saute Pan, a 2 Qt. Covered Sauce Pan, a 3.5 Qt. Covered Sauce Pan, a 5 Qt. Covered Dutch Oven, a 5 Qt. Covered Deep Sauté Pan, and a 8 Qt. Covered Stock Pot. To top it off, they are all sophisticated and your kitchen will look classier.

Perhaps the only downside is that the set doesn’t include cooking utensils like spoons. Read the full review on Tramontina 12-Pc tri-ply stainless steel cookware.

Tramontina Gourmet Tri-Ply Clad Cookware Set

Tramontina Gourmet 8-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel is a classic material for cookware and the Tramontina Gourmet 8-Piece 18/10 stainless steel tri-ply clad goes a step further to show you why you need to get the set for your home or as a gift for a friend.

Apart from the chic look, this set has handles with riveting providing your safety and stability whenever you cook – as we like to say, the handles have an ergonomic design for comfort.

The metal is wear-resistant, and you can trust these pots and pans to weather beautifully through the years. The construction also makes the whole set suitable for use in the oven. They will brave through high temperatures to a maximum of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Tri-Ply clad vessel construction of the pans and pots isn’t anything foreign, but it is what makes the pots impressive. This Tri-Ply is made of stainless steel, an aluminum core, and a magnetic stainless steel and is the reason for the excellent performance and with even heat diffusion.

Cleaning – stainless steel is naturally easy to clean, but these pants will ease off the cleaning pressure thanks to being dishwasher friendly. The interior has nonstick enamel.

Unfortunately, the lid will cause scalding if touched with bare hands when removing from the oven.

Tramontina Gourmet 18/10 Stainless Steel Fry Pan

Tramontina Stainless Steel Pan Review

Do you think that you have a shopping problem now that all your other pans burn food or the handles get loose within a few uses? Well, we think that the problem is that maybe you didn’t read the right Tramontina cookware reviews.

We can also guess that you have never used a Tramontina pan or cookware. We promise this isn’t a marketing phrase but our way of caring. The winning features exhibited by this pan include:

The Tri-Ply clad construction made of 18/10 stainless steel, an aluminium core (for conductivity) and magnetic stainless steel rids the pan of hot spots by distributing heat evenly and quickly. The pan has NSF certification, and it is made in Brazil. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Did we mention the handles? This pan features an ergonomic cast mirror polished stainless steel handle with a riveting. This offers comfort and a secure grip.

Cleaning – it is dishwasher safe easing the cleaning burden of pots and pans.

Versatility – this pan is oven-friendly (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit) and doesn’t worry about it not being compatible with your cooker because it is perfect for every cooktop, induction too.

Seasoning – it advisable to season after cleaning, especially before the first use, season it with you preferred cooking oil.


  • It isn’t the easiest pan to clean.

Next On To Reviewing Tramontina Cast Iron Cookware

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Sauce Pan

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Sauce Pan

There is a reason why cooking pots and pans made out of cast iron are common – they are durable, and they make the most delectable meals. If you are looking to add one cooking item to your kitchen, then get this Tramontina cast iron cookware. While at it, forget the clichés (black and gray), get this elegant gradated cobalt piece that will add character and a contemporary style to your kitchen. The inner surface is off-white.

This sauce pan is made of enameled cast-iron, an ideal heat-retention material. It also contributed to evenly heat distribution. Your food will remain safe when cooking thanks to the non-reactive PFOA and PTFE-free porcelain enamel nonstick cooking surface. This also makes it easy to clean. It is also lead and cadmium-free, and you can rest assured that Tramontina cookware is safe.

The lid features a self-blasting condensation ridges that uniformly collects and directs vapor back to the food resulting in savory and moist dishes, every time! The self-blasting feature makes this 2.5-quart saucepan perfect for all your slow-cooking recipes.

Even though it lacks a pouring spout, it has sturdy handles on opposite sides.

This pan is also oven friendly (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) and it’s compatible with all cooktops.

Do not clean this pan in the dishwasher, hand washing with a gentle detergent or soap and warm water does the trick.

Oh, these pans are darn heavy!

Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven – 6.5 Quart

Tramontina Dutch Oven Review

What do you look for when buying a dutch oven? We’ll tell you what our Tramontina porcelain enamel cookware reviews consider for any cookware to make the cut – its durability, versatility, and functionality. We recommend this red Tramontina 6.5 Qt. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven because it comes with all these qualities and more.


Versatility – trust the Dutch oven to cook meals using every known technique. What makes it a better choice is its capacity to prepare the best stews, soups, casseroles, sauces, and any other slow-cooking meals. How does the Dutch oven do all this?

It has a superior design that features the use of enameled cast iron that efficiently distributes heat evenly. You won’t have to worry about your meat, vegetable, and poultry burning before it is half-cooked. Tramontina’s Dutch oven will tenderize and self-baste any food. At the same time, it retains all the moisture and flavors.

The pot’s time-honored porcelain enameled finish is not only beautiful but eliminates the need for repetitive seasoning.  You may need to season the vessel’s rim plus the lid’s rim because that is where there is exposed cast-iron. Just rub in some cooking oil gently then place it in the oven (350 degrees Fahrenheit) for some minutes and let it cool down.


  • It isn’t dishwasher friendly.
  • Some users report that the enamel comes off after a few uses

The pot’s versatility doesn’t end with the cooking technique; you can use it in the oven and every other cooking tabletop. Its sloppy sides make this the ultimate vessel for every meal. Just make sure the enamel isn’t dry.

To prevent permanent discoloration, heat it gradually from how to medium, and once the pot is hot, you can reset it to low heat. The first heat gained is enough for cooking and pot protection.

For protection, wear protective mitts if planning to get the Dutch oven out of the oven – the lid and the handles heat up. Read more on the Tramontina Dutch oven review.


So, we have given you a peek into our selected 9 best cookware in the Tramontina reviews. But, who takes the day or the kitchen for us? Well, we will split the verdict two ways because our reviews have dealt with cookware sets and individual cookware.

In the cookware set section, the Tramontina Hard Anodized Cookware Set wins, not just because of the number pieces but because of its versatility, efficient heat distribution, and its safety. It is lead, cadmium, PFOA, and PTFE-free and it is durable.

On the individual cookware pieces, we highly recommend the Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Covered Sauce Pan. It is beautiful, very durable, withstands very high temperatures, up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, it is safe, and ideal for the most delicious slow-cooking meals.

I’m not sure of your preferences but aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand in our reviews and all of them are sound investment.


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