Tramontina Professional Restaurant Fry Pan: Does It Live Up to Its Name?

Generally, we call it cooking. But preparing our food requires different techniques to achieve one hefty and sumptuous meal. Boiling, sautéing, frying and grilling are just examples of the cooking techniques we normally use to prepare our food. Among this, most of us are probably more inclined to use frying as our means to make restaurant-quality dishes at home for several reasons.

For one, it is basically easy and quick to do. It is especially ideal when on the rush, but cannot leave the house without eating, and cereals and oat meal is not enough energy-booster to even start the day, lest survive the morning hustle. It is in this regard, that we should invest in a standard quality frying pan to ensure that we have a delicious, quick and easy to prepare meals on the table every single day.

With the market giving and offering you more than enough options, singling out the best choice can be hard work. Though probably most of us will just settle to any pan that fries, it is prevalent to pick the best option because it certainly has advantages and benefits, one of which lies on the quality of the dish.

Tramontina Professional Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan

Tramontina 80114/535DS professional nonstick restaurant fry pan proves to be your leading choice because it is made to cater your needs without sacrificing comfort and quality. It is made of best quality, heavy-gauge aluminum material and has useful components that make it worthy of such credit. This frying pan is also featured as the top 4 in the Tramontina non stick cookware review.

So what exactly makes it credible to be the best choice?

As mentioned, choosing the best non stick skillet can be a tedious process. We wish it can be easy as randomly picking one that looks nice in the store. But in actuality, you have to carefully check its details one by one, compare from others, probably reading reviews and asking friends about what they’ll recommend among other things.

Why Is Tramontina Pro Restaurant Fry Pan Recommended?

You also have to consider and base your decisions on these following key details:

  • Restaurant Quality

A good pan should specifically have a restaurant quality feature and capability. Normally we think that just because we are only cooking at home, we could just do with any pan available. Remember that the quality of food and cooking relies on the quality of the equipment used. And we definitely want to only serve the best and delicious food for our family and friends.

  • Durability

Consider that this pan will be used several times, every single day, thus choose one that is made only of high quality material that can last for a long time. Durability equates to value of money.

  • Easy to Use And Handle

It is definitely an important component that the pan should be easy to use and at the same time easy to clean and maintain. Cooking shouldn’t need to be a hard chore. And it certainly helps that you have a quick to use equipment to make it possible.

  • Overall Performance

After all that has been said and pointed out, a best fry pan should have all those important details and provides great cooking experience.

Top Specs of The Tramontina 12-inch Non-stick Pan

It is through this, we can prove that the Tramontina 80114/535DS pan rises above the rest because it has these key components that can further be confirmed and made true by these specific features:

  • Non-Stick

Helping you ease the burden of cooking and cleaning, this skillet has a great non-stick feature that makes it easy to use and clean. We understand the worry and problem of removing stains and food residue on the pan that can be time and effort consuming, thus with this frying pan, you are guaranteed an easy-breezy cooking and washing.

  • Even Heat Distribution

This is one added feature that not most frying pans have. This is one important compont because it secures the quality of the food by making sure that it evenly cooks at the same time and at the same temperature.

  • Heat Resistant

Because safety is also one of its primary concerns, Tramontina professional restaurant fry pan provides you with features that safeguard your safety when cooking. Most of us are discouraged to cook because we are scared of getting burned. No one likes blisters. And this fry pan exactly knows and understands that concern that with its heat resistant feature, it protects you from getting hurt even when accidentally touching the pan while cooking.

  • Removable soft grip silicone sleeve

The soft silicon grip provides comfort in using the pan. It can protect the whole pan enough that you will not have difficulty holding and carrying it. And since it is removable, it makes cleaning it easy.

  • Available in different sizes

The Pros and Cons

This pan comes in different sizes so you can choose which one suit you best. Because it is not totally wise to have a big pan when you are only cooking a small portion for yourself, thus it is wise to have that option.

Most people who have already used this product can prove that they made the right decision in choosing this Tramontina non-stick restaurant fry pan because they exactly got what they have bargained for.

Consumers and homemakers especially like the nonstick feature and the fact that it is heat resistant. They truly appreciate that it is safe to use and hassle-free. It is great with frying quick-fix meal and basically become their “go-to” pans for omelet, fried eggs, pancakes and more because it is easy to use and easy to clean as well. It is safe to say that it is for sure a great value for their money.

With all these things in mind, the value can be boiled down into this advantage and disadvantage:


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Heats evenly when frying
  • Hassle free


  • The pan can be a bit heavy
  • Not dishwasher safe

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Our Verdict

Tramontina has been known to create high caliber of flatware, kitchen tools, equipment, utensils and especially cookware that doesn’t stick. Thus this fry pan, like the rest surely live to its name and legacy. We can see that from the Tramontina proline nonstick review, people are very happy and satisfied with their purchase.

Though it has its limitations, these can be outweighed by the number of benefits and key features and the overall convenience and ease that it provides. Having checked all the important criteria and basis for a good fry pan, we can conclude that definitely this Tramontina professional restaurant fry pan is your best choice.

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