Why The Utopia Kitchen Skillet Is A Winner?

Utopia Kitchen is at it again with this 12.5-inch, 7lb non-stick skillet. It features a handle, pour-spouts, and a high tolerance for heat.

Whenever Utopia Kitchen releases a new skillet or pan, professional chefs, and amateur alike stop to take note. The first check is usually for quality, which never disappoints, and then there will be the usual grunt at the price of the product, followed by a near stampede as cookware lovers rush to buy the skillet.

This Utopia Kitchen cast iron skillet is a looker. The surfaces appear a tad rough even though they are not, and the bottom has the company’s login inscribed. This logo is one of the ways to tell the real from reproductions. It measures 12.5 inches and weighs 7lbs, making it the ideal size to make a reasonably large meal and to turn it over without needing a spatula.

The two spouts make the transfer of food easy, seeing as you will not need to lift it off the cooker. It has a large, sturdy handle and a smaller helper one. The helper handle makes for easy storage if you would rather hang yours.

The flat bottom will not warp with use, and heat will not damage the pan. If you care for it as well as the manual instructs, this skillet will serve you well for a lifetime.

Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet and Pan

Why Would You Even Consider The Utopia Kitchen Cast Iron Cookware Brand?

Size and Style

The skillet is not so different in appearance from others. It is formidable and solid, bearing the logo of the company at the bottom. Thanks to its size, you can toss your food all over as it cooks. This pan is thus perfect for sautéing vegetables. Because the skillet gains its non-stick qualities over time, you will only need to use little oil even for food that would otherwise stick to the surfaces.

Care and Maintenance

The manufacturer has already taken care of the initial seasoning, but that does not exempt you from following it up every day. Just for the record, the original seasoning is equivalent to 15 home seasons. Seeing as the skillet is oven friendly, you can bake it in low heat for a few minutes after use instead of heating it over the burner.

The care regime here is pretty simple. After cooking, allow it to cool before you wash it. Soapy water will not ruin the seasoning, as long as the detergent you use is mild. If you can get it in the stores, use the designated spray. A sponge is recommended so that it cleans without removing the seasoning you have worked so hard to cement over time.

Drying is an essential part of your care regimen, seeing as water makes iron rust. Over time, you may notice a little rust, which is normal especially of the skillet is constantly in use. You can remove that by scrubbing the pan a little deeper with a synthetic scrub and then seasoning it immediately.

If the rust spreads and you notice that pre-seasoning has been depleted, it is time to apply a fresh coat. A thin layer of oil (olive) followed by an hour’s bake in 400 degrees F will bring it back to its form.

Customers note that the Utopia Kitchen cookware is not scratch resistant, and so it would be advisable to use wooden spoons or scratch-free spatulas to turn the food.

They also note that food sticks to the sides if you miss a single seasoning, so there is no escaping that after every meal. It only takes a few minutes. One owner praises the company for being so thorough in their cleaning and seasoning illustration, which will even help you restore a ruined skillet.

Flat Base

The bottom of this skillet from Utopia kitchen is free from warping, thanks to the sturdy material used. Some customers complain that the base curves a little, but that does not prevent it from working well with any top, including induction stoves and traditional fireplaces.

It certainly takes longer heat up, but the heat distributes evenly on the entire pan so that you don’t have to push your eggs to the centre to cook them. It retains heat as well without overcooking your food, which removes the need to transfer your food into a flask after cooking. It does not have a lid, something that most people wish it had, but you can get one online that will fit perfectly.

The handles make it easy to hold. Seeing as they are two, you will not need to strain your hands trying to hold the pan with only one hand. Be keen not to burn your hand as the handle heats up to very high temperatures.

How It Compares To The Silicone Hot Handle Holder?

These Utopia Kitchen cookware are the same dimensions and seeing as they are from the same company, they are of the same quality. This particular one has a silicone handle that is kind to your hand, and so you will not need to use gloves when handling it. The care regimen is the same for both skillets. They both have the logo inscription at the bottom as a way of telling them apart from reproductions.


  • The pan comes with a manual explaining the care regimen that will make it last forever.
  • It is reasonably heavy, but the handles make it manageable.
  • The skillet is pre-seasoned.
  • It handles high heat, making it excellent at searing and frying.
  • You only need a little oil and the pan will preserve the quality of ingredients.


  • It is expensive.
  • It needs daily seasoning to retain its non-stick property.
  • Some customers think it is a tad rough inside.

Spoil Yourself With The Utopia Kitchen Pan

Few things matter more to customers than a company’s response. Utopia Kitchen, just like any other dealer, makes mistakes and it could ship a faulty product. A few customers have complained of minor issues that the company resolved hastily, earning it a good reputation, loyalty, and a positive review.

Is this Utopia Kitchen cast iron skillet worth its cost? Sure, it is. If you can spare some cash, you will be the owner of cookware that lasts forever.

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